Porous power source and stratum capable of reducing PCB stripping with higher reliability

Application Number: 00106424
Application Date: 2000.04.06
Publication Number: 1272038
Publication Date: 2000.11.01
Priority Information: 1999/4/26 US 09/300,762
International: H05K1/09;H05K3/00
Applicant(s) Name: IBM Corp.
Inventor(s) Name: R. M. Gapp;M. D. Poriks
Patent Agency Code: 11038
Patent Agent: yu jing
Abstract Power and ground planes used in Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) having porous, conductive materials allow liquids (e.g., water and/or other solvents) to pass through the power and ground planes, thus decreasing failures in PCBs (or PCBs used as laminate chip carriers) caused by cathodic/anodic filament growth and delamination of insulators. Porous conductive materials suitable for use in PCBs may be formed by using metal-coated organic cloths or fabrics, using metal wire mesh instead of metal sheets, using sintered metal, or making metal sheets porous by forming an array of holes in the metal sheets.