Porous self baked carbon brick for lining of ironmaking furnace

Application Number: 00116084
Application Date: 2000.10.18
Publication Number: 1290754
Publication Date: 2001.04.11
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International: C21B7/06
Applicant(s) Name: Ye Le
Inventor(s) Name: ye Le;Li Jianwei
Patent Agency Code: 41103
Patent Agent: han hua
Abstract The porous self-baked carbon brick has material comprising electrically calcined anthracite 45-66 wt%, silicon carbide 5-10 wt%, silicon 3-7 wt%, coal asphalt 8-11 wt%, tar 2-5 wt% and resin 2-5 wt%. It is superior in that during the quasi-plasticizing process it can absorb relatively large temperature different stress and expansion force of different material and has relatively high adhesion to different material. During baking, the volatile component volatilizes from cold end to hot end and pyrolytic carbon with high strength and high wear resistance is formed in hot surface, raising greatly the dregs and iron corrosion resistance of the self baked carbon brick.