Preparation method of konjak bean curd

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Application Date: 2000.05.09
Publication Number: 1272329
Publication Date: 2000.11.08
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Applicant(s) Name: Li Yanqing
Inventor(s) Name: Mo Chengpeng;Li Yanqing
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Abstract The present invention relates to a preparation method of konjak bean curd richly containing protein and several vitamins necessary for human body. Said invented konjak bean curd possesses the actions of preventing and resisting cancer, reducing blood fat, reducing blood pressure, reducing weight and relieving inflammation, and long-time eating of said konjak bean curd can delay senility of gliocyte of nervi craniales, cardiac muscle cell and large and medium sized vein intimal cell, can prevent atheroscleorsis and can improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function. Besides, it also can be used for preventing and curing hypertension and coronary heart disease.