Prepn of deactivated dual vibrio vaccine for sea fish

Application Number  00129465 Application Date  2000.12.29
Publication Number  1360948 Publication Date  2002.07.31
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Applicant(s) Name  First Inst. of Oceanology, National Bureau of Oceanography  
Inventor(s) Name  Sun Xiuqin;Zhang Jinxing;Qu Lingyun  
Patent Agency Code  37201 Patent Agent  zhang zhongnan
AbstractThe dual vibrio vaccine for sea fish is prepared through separating eel vibrio and parahemolytic vibrio, separate culture in certain condition, spreading culture in a bioreactor, deactivating treatment, and mixing in equal amount. It may be used in in-situ throwing or soaking for immunizing. It has excellent immunizing effect, and can be used to prevent and treat skin ulcer and eyeball turbidity and other relevant diseases of sea fishes.