Process for preparing barium titanate powder for electronic function ceramic

Application Number  00129483 Application Date  2000.12.31
Publication Number  1392117 Publication Date  2003.01.22
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Applicant(s) Name  Northwest China Polytechnic Univ.  
Inventor(s) Name  Su Lihong  
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AbstractIn the preparation of barium titanate powder for electronic functional ceramic, water soluble complex ion with Ba/Ti ratio of 1 is first prepared and then prepared into barium titante powder through reaction with some matter and in certain condition. The prepared barium titanate powder has Ba/Ti ratio of 1, the same as theoretic chemical value, purity of 99.8-99.99999%, average particle size of 0.05-1 mocron and is tetragonal system with space group of p=4 mm, a=0.3994 nm and c=0.4038 nm.