Process for preparing paraoctanol by hydrogenction of paraoctanone and its catalyst

Application Number: 00107387
Application Date: 2000.05.12
Publication Number: 1279127
Publication Date: 2001.01.10
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International: B01J23/72;B01J23/80;C07C29/143;C07C31/125
Applicant(s) Name: Petroleum Univ (Huadong)
Inventor(s) Name: Liu Chenguang;Yin Changlong;Zhao Huiji
Patent Agency Code: 11013
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Abstract A process for preparing paraoctanol by hydrogenating paraoctanone includes preparing special catalyst and liquid-phase hydrogenating of paraoctanone. Said special catalyst does not contain Cr and other harmful substances and has excellent catalytic activity, selectivity and stability. It can increase the transform rate of paraoctanone up to 99.6% and the selectivity of paraoctanol up to 99.5%.