Process for separating methylisobutanone synthesized from acetone

Application Number: 00110591
Application Date: 2000.06.28
Publication Number: 1331070
Publication Date: 2002.01.16
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International: C07C45/61;C07C45/78;C07C45/82;C07C49/04
Applicant(s) Name: Chinese Petro-Chemical Group Co
Inventor(s) Name: Ai Fubin;Lu Zhihui;Song Lizhi
Patent Agency Code: 21102
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Abstract A separation process for synthesizing methylisobutanone from acetone features that the 2-methylphentane tower, acetone recovering tower phase separators, dewatering tower for removing H2O and DAA, and MIBK product tower are used. Its advantages include high purity of product (not containing acetone in it) and saving energy.