Process for suppressing corrosion of cyclic cooling water

Application Number: 00121541
Application Date: 2000.08.11
Publication Number: 1338437
Publication Date: 2002.03.06
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International: C02F5/10;C23F11/10
Applicant(s) Name: Chinese Petro-Chemical Co Ltd
Inventor(s) Name: Wang Zheng;Chen Yongjun;Li Bengao
Patent Agency Code: 72001
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Abstract A process for suppressing the corrosion of cyclic cooling water features that a corrosion inhibitor containing C1-C5 alkylcarboxylic acid substituted salicylaldehyde oxime and optional one or more of acyl substituted sodium sarcosinate, alkyl substituted succinimide, and acrylic copolymer, imorganic zinc salt and molydbate. Its advantages include less dosage of inhibitor, high effect, low cost and no phosphorus pollution.