Pure rolling bearing (III)

Application Number: 00111744
Application Date: 2000.02.28
Publication Number: 1311403
Publication Date: 2001.09.05
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International: F16C19/40
Applicant(s) Name: Yu Dabang
Inventor(s) Name: Yu Dabang;Yu Daxi;Xu Min
Patent Agency Code: 00000
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Abstract A pure rolling bearing is a new structure of pure rolling bearing only containing cylindrical or conical rolling bearing body without bearing retainer and sliding friction for in stead of the rolling bearing with them. the invention bearing consists of inner circule, outer circle, locating rolling body, rolling body and locating ring to elminate the sliding friction created by the space locating with bearing retainer of prior art rolling bearing and sliding friction created between the bearing flange and two sides of the rolling body.