Radiuo urer calling control system and method in personal hand-held phone system base station

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Application Date: 2000.10.20
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Publication Date: 2002.05.22
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Inventor(s) Name: Fan Jiongyi;Lin Shu;Diao Zengqi
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Abstract A radio user calling control system of base station in private handphone system includes calling control subsystem, data bank subsystem, data interface subsystem and the air signalling interface subsystem. Each subsystem can be communicated to each other with the message interface. The realization method according to the system includes application of link establishing, application and distribution of calling resource, channel distribution of handphone communication, start up and end over function of business, disconnecting the link of handphone and calling resource release and fault analysing and recovering at the time of fault occurrence. The modularization structure and fault recovering design of the system has ensured the reliability and stability of the system.