Remote controlled wall bent housing angle changing method and device and the application

Application Number: 00107819
Application Date: 2000.06.22
Publication Number: 1332308
Publication Date: 2002.01.23
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International: E21B7/08
Applicant(s) Name: Inst. of Well Drilling Techn, Academy of Petroleum Prospecting &. Development Sc
Inventor(s) Name: Su Yinao;Dou Xiurong;Liang Tao
Patent Agency Code: 11127
Patent Agent: ma yajia
Abstract The invention discloses a method and equipment used to control the change of angle remotely. The said angle means the bend angle of curved shell structure of dynamic drill tool that is used in the well boring process of controlled directional well for oil and geology exploratory development. The equipoment is composed of motion control unit, adjusting mechanism for bending angle of structure and power actuating system. The invention gives the adjusting capability to the guiding drill tool on underneath of well, therefor, increase control accuracy of well orbit and lower the cost of drilling.