Resin for moulding and method for making resin mould

Application Number  00128316 Application Date  2000.11.21
Publication Number  1296994 Publication Date  2001.05.30
Priority Information   1999/11/22 GB 9927431.8  
Applicant(s) Name  Fantico AG  
Inventor(s) Name  D. Arnox;R. Gartelen;P. Hockward  
Patent Agency Code  72001 Patent Agent  liu yuanjin
AbstractThe present invention relates to compositions comprising a composition comprising (a) a resin containing a polyepoxide and a polyisocyanate, and (b) a treated filler which is either a silane-treated filler or an atomised filler, The compositions are suitable for the fabrication of high performance resin molds which can then be used for various molding methods such as injection molding, press molding, vacuum molding, high pressure molding or foaming molding.