Revolutary projecting gas-liquid heat and mass transferrer and its control method

Application Number: 00114006
Application Date: 2000.01.06
Publication Number: 1258553
Publication Date: 2000.07.05
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International: B01D3/30;B01J10/00;F28C1/00;F28C3/06
Applicant(s) Name: South-China Science & Engineering Univ.
Inventor(s) Name: Jian Qifei;Liang Rongguang;Zhang Yong
Patent Agency Code: 44201
Patent Agent: luo guanxiang
Abstract The transferrer consists of motor, shaft, axial-flow fan blades, water inlet pipe, water distributing bend, stuffing rotor, water baffle, filtering net, water collecting disc and casing. In the transferrer, the motor is fixed onto the shaft, the axial-flow fan blades are fixed onto the shaft, the shaft penetrates the hole in the water distributing bend fixed onto the casing, the stuffing rotor has three or four axial annular sleeves fixed to the rotor, the water baffle is installed below the stuffing rotor in the casing, the filtering net is below the water baffle and the water collecting disc is in the bottom inside the casing. The present invention has small gas and liquid flow resistance, no dead space of jet, low fan power consumption and other advantages.