Rubber or TPR major sole and polyurethane subsole direct forming shoe-making process

Application Number: 00110538
Application Date: 2000.06.15
Publication Number: 1328914
Publication Date: 2002.01.02
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International: B29D31/518
Applicant(s) Name: Li Pin
Inventor(s) Name: Li Pin
Patent Agency Code: 21209
Patent Agent: liu zhongda
Abstract The rubber of TPR major sole and polyurethane auxiliary sole one-step forming shoe making process includes the following steps: using rubber or TPR major sole with crude edge of 10 mm, grinding, coating treating agent, drying, brushing resin glue, drying by airing, and then placing it into major sole clamping disk, placing the 10 mm crude edge into recessed position of major sole clamping disk, then grinding upper of the shoe in defined position, raising, brushing treating agent, drying and then placing it into clamping disk of upper portion, injecting proper quantity of polyurethane foaming material into the recessed position of major sole, connecting two clamping disks, and foaming at 60-90 deg.C. This sole is antiskid, abrasion-resistant, resistant to breaking and resistant to low temp. and is light in weight, good in elasticity, heat-insulating and cold-insulating, and is comfortable for wearing.