Service quality administrative system and method thereof

Application Number: 00118806
Application Date: 2000.03.17
Publication Number: 1274221
Publication Date: 2000.11.22
Priority Information: 1999/3/17 JP 72415/99
International: H04L12/26
Applicant(s) Name: NEC Corp.
Inventor(s) Name: Tanaka Yoshiyuki
Patent Agency Code: 72001
Patent Agent: wang zhongzhong
Abstract To realize service quality data management for each user and to provide accurate service quality information for each user by providing performance data to each user in a form that the performance data are processed into the service quality information for each user. A performance data collection means 21 receiving performance data from an input device 1 classifies the performance data into data as to from which device and from which port the performance data are received. Then a quality data generating means 22 accesses a user information storage section 41 to retrieve user information by using an identifier of a port in a communication unit that is a sender of the performance data as a retrieval key. As a result of the retrieval, the quality data generating means 22 generates service quality data in the unit of users when finding out a corresponding user. A quality data notice means 23 informs the user about the service quality data via an output device 3 by using notice destination information of the user such as a telephone number and an electronic mail address among the user information obtained from the user information storage section 41.