Shielded pipeline pump

Application Number: 00107370
Application Date: 2000.05.12
Publication Number: 1271060
Publication Date: 2000.10.25
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International: F04D13/06;F04D29/08
Applicant(s) Name: Qinghua Univ.
Inventor(s) Name: Wang Shoudi;Luo Xianwu;Xu Hongyuan
Patent Agency Code: 11201
Patent Agent: luo wenqun
Abstract The present invention designs shielded pipeline pump including a shielded motor and a pipeline pump. The casing of the motor and the stepped pump cover of the pipeline pump are positioned by means of the outer edge of pedestal, and the pedestal is fixed onto and the pump cover is connected to the casing of the motor by means of bolt. The pump cover has two O-rings, the inner end ring seals the end of corresponding part of a vane wheel and the outer radial ring seals the corresponding radial part of the vane wheel. In the present invention, the shielded motor and the pipeline pump are in independent structure, and this results in one high concentricity between rotor and stator of the motor and less axial force of the pump.