Single-basic extension signal discrimination method

Application Number  00129344 Application Date  2000.11.22
Publication Number  1354261 Publication Date  2002.06.19
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Applicant(s) Name  Wu Chang  
Inventor(s) Name  Wu Chang;Wu Ming  
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AbstractThe present invention relates to a monobase elongation signal discrimination method. Including hybridization of target molecular and SBE primer fixed on the solid surface, making SBE reactino and analyzing signal collected after SBE reaction. It is characterized by that the described target molecular possesses a labeled molecular which can be identified, and the dideoxyribonucleotide used by SBE reaction processes other labeled molecule, and the proportion of the signal obtained by SBE reaction to the labeled molecule signal in target molecular in same position can be calculated so as to determine that said reaction signal is true or false. Said invention eliminates the false positive reaction, and does not produce misiagnosis.