Slags cooler with dual functions of cooling and separating fine ash

Application Number: 00119175
Application Date: 2000.07.04
Publication Number: 1331398
Publication Date: 2002.01.16
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International: F23C10/24;F23G5/30
Applicant(s) Name: Zhejiang Univ
Inventor(s) Name: Shi Zhenglun;Luo Zhongyang;Fang Mengxiang
Patent Agency Code: 33200
Patent Agent: zhang fagao
Abstract A slags cooler with both cooling and fine-ash separation functions is sequentially composed of slags inlet, slags controller, antiblocking flash box, the pneumatic pipe and separator connected with top end of the said antiblocking flash box, fine sand returning tube linked to lower end of the said separator, the fine as separating pipe and fluidized-bed cooling separator linked to bottom end of the said antiblocking flash box, coarse slags discharging pipe, fine ash collector, speed measuring unit, wind throttle executor, and blower. Its advantages include high efficiency of separating fine ash and high cooling effect.