Steam-thermotherapeutic and electrotherapeutic machine

Application Number: 00110584
Application Date: 2000.06.29
Publication Number: 1330962
Publication Date: 2002.01.16
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International: A61N1/02;A61N1/32
Applicant(s) Name: Fu Sumei
Inventor(s) Name: Fu Sumei
Patent Agency Code: 21207
Patent Agent: zhen yuchuo
Abstract A thermoelectric therapeutic appliance for treating the puzzle diseases by percutaneous therapy is composed of transformer connected to power supply, rectifier connected with transformer, relay connected with rectifier and having selector of 7 pulse output signals, positive and negative output electrodes, and two metallic pots containing hot water at over 70 deg.C and linked to said output electrodes. It features its unique wet, hot and electric currents, which flow through the affected position on patient body repeatedly. Its advantages are short course of treatment and quickly taking its effect.