Stratum-changing production method and technical pipe column

Application Number  00129407 Application Date  2000.12.12
Publication Number  1357677 Publication Date  2002.07.10
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Applicant(s) Name  Inst. of Oil Exploitation Technique, Shengli Oil Field Co., Ltd., SINOPEC  
Inventor(s) Name  Zhou Zhiqi;Song Kaili;Chai Guoxiang  
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AbstractThe present invention discloses a method of stratum-changing production and technological pipe column in oil exploitation. After the technological pipe column is set in the well and liquid pressure is applied, the well switches are opened or closed in the stratums to be changed. The technological pipe column controlled by surface switch controlling and detecting device consists of casing valves, well mouth four-way valve, oil relieving device, pump, casing, oil pipe, packer, well switches and pipe plug. There is a change-over device set between the pump and the packer and after the pipe column is set to preset position, the pipe column is separated.