Swirl compressor capable of introducing high-pressure fluid into thrust face

Application Number: 00118004
Application Date: 2000.06.06
Publication Number: 1276481
Publication Date: 2000.12.13
Priority Information: 2000/3/6 JP 060915/00; 1999/6/8 JP 161691/99
International: F04C18/02
Applicant(s) Name: Mitsubishi Jukogyo K. K.
Inventor(s) Name: Ohayashi Hiroyuki;Takeuchi Naomi;Ito Takahide
Patent Agency Code: 11105
Patent Agent: li xiaoshu
Abstract The scroll compressor comprises a casing; a fixed scroll, movable in its axial direction, and a revolving scroll, provided respectively in the housing and comprising an end plate and a spiral protrusion built on one face of the end plate, wherein the spiral protrusions of each scroll are engaged with each other so as to form a spiral compression chamber. In the above structure, an introduced working gas is compressed in the compression chamber and then discharged; a thrust member for thrust-supporting the end plate of the revolving scroll is provided at the back-face side of the end plate of the revolving scroll; a pressure pocket is formed in a face of one of the thrust member and the end plate of the revolving scroll, wherein said face faces the other of the thrust member and the end plate of the revolving scroll; and a high-pressure introduction hole for introducing a high-pressure fluid into the pressure pocket is provided at one of the thrust member side and the revolving scroll side.