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Flat filter and filter system

Application Number  00129218 Application Date  2000.09.29 Publication Number  1290052 Publication Date  2001.04.04 Priority Information   1999/9/29 JP 276626/1999   International Classification  H01P1/20;H01P7/00;H03H9/00   Applicant(s) Name  K.K. Toshiba   Address     Inventor(s) Name  Teratori Yoshiaki;Fukuie Hiroyuki;Kayano Hiroyuki   Patent Agency Code  11038 Patent Agent  feng xun AbstractA planar filter comprises a filter member which has… Read More »

Asending sampling filter with one bit amplifier for multiple expansion data stream

Application Number  00129095 Application Date  2000.09.29 Publication Number  1291019 Publication Date  2001.04.11 Priority Information   1999/10/1 US 09/411,152   International Classification  H04B1/02;H04J13/00   Applicant(s) Name  Lucent Technologies Co.   Address     Inventor(s) Name  Lamin Kehoyeny-Pulfad;Lisandle B. Leem;Malkom Hullood Smith   Patent Agency Code  11038 Patent Agent  jiang shixun AbstractA transmit portion of a WB-CDMA… Read More »

Filter antenna sharing device and communication device

Application Number  00129037 Application Date  2000.09.25 Publication Number  1290051 Publication Date  2001.04.04 Priority Information   1999/9/24 JP 270983/99   International Classification  H01P1/20;H01P7/10   Applicant(s) Name  Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   Address     Inventor(s) Name  Atokawa Masuyuki   Patent Agency Code  31100 Patent Agent  shen zhaokun AbstractThe invention provides a trap capacitor and a frequency… Read More »

Filter and using method thereof

Application Number  00129033 Application Date  2000.09.27 Publication Number  1289628 Publication Date  2001.04.04 Priority Information   1999/9/28 US 09/407,211   International Classification  B01D29/72;B01D35/20;B24B57/00   Applicant(s) Name  Motorola, Inc.   Address     Inventor(s) Name  J.F. Wanier   Patent Agency Code  11038 Patent Agent  wang yonggang AbstractAn ultrasonic driver (105) is used to vibrate a filter disk… Read More »

General filter

Application Number  00128777 Application Date  2000.09.20 Publication Number  1289179 Publication Date  2001.03.28 Priority Information   1999/9/20 JP 266239/99   International Classification  H01F27/00;H03H1/00   Applicant(s) Name  TDK Corp.   Address     Inventor(s) Name  Sato Takateru;Saito Katsumi;Kuroshima Toshiko   Patent Agency Code  72001 Patent Agent  zhou beilin AbstractA common mode filter includes a drum-shaped core 1… Read More »

Dynamic satellite filter controller for low Earth's orbit satellite

Application Number  00128760 Application Date  2000.09.14 Publication Number  1287944 Publication Date  2001.03.21 Priority Information   1999/9/14 US 09/395265   International Classification  B64G1/10;H04B7/185   Applicant(s) Name  Global Stor L.P.   Address     Inventor(s) Name  R.A. Vidmann;E. Hilthfield   Patent Agency Code  72001 Patent Agent  zou guangxin AbstractA method and system for reducing the power consumption… Read More »

Air filter material, filter assembly and filter unit and manufacturing method of air filter material

Application Number  00128696 Application Date  2000.07.24 Publication Number  1292302 Publication Date  2001.04.25 Priority Information   2000/5/26 JP 156434/00; 1999/10/7 JP 286664/99   International Classification  B01D39/16;B01D69/10;B01D71/36   Applicant(s) Name  Daikin Industries Ltd.   Address     Inventor(s) Name  Watari Yoshiyuki;Inui Hiko;Kiyotani Hideyuki   Patent Agency Code  72001 Patent Agent  wei jinxi AbstractAn air filter medium comprising… Read More »

Air filter for motor driving bicycle

Application Number  00128669 Application Date  2000.09.20 Publication Number  1289893 Publication Date  2001.04.04 Priority Information   1999/9/24 JP 271321/1999   International Classification  F02M35/024   Applicant(s) Name  Honda Motor, Co., Ltd.   Address     Inventor(s) Name  Shimonide Masafumi;Nanwa Takashi;Sugiuchi Tadashi   Patent Agency Code  11038 Patent Agent  ma jiangli AbstractTo reduce a size of an air… Read More »

Multimode dielectric resonator, filter, receiver-transmitter and communication apparatus

Application Number  00128358 Application Date  2000.11.24 Publication Number  1297261 Publication Date  2001.05.30 Priority Information   1999/11/23 JP 333405/99   International Classification  H01P1/20;H01P7/10   Applicant(s) Name  Murata Mfg. Co., Ltd.   Address     Inventor(s) Name  Hattori Hitoshi;Abe Makoto;Wakamatsu Hiroki   Patent Agency Code  31100 Patent Agent  sun jingguo AbstractA multimode dielectric resonator apparatus is configured… Read More »

Invisible filter screen in nasal cavity

Application Number: 00112080Application Date: 2000.02.03Publication Number: 1306870Publication Date: 2001.08.08Priority Information: International: A62B23/06Applicant(s) Name: Gong JiahongAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Gong JiahongPatent Agency Code: 32200Patent Agent: wang zhiziAbstract The nasal filter screen includes flexible filtering screens, opened elastic rings around the screens and lug at the opening of the rings. The use of the nasal filter screen is… Read More »

Small low-consumption multiplier and filter circuit

Application Number: 00118200Application Date: 2000.06.13Publication Number: 1328290Publication Date: 2001.12.26Priority Information: International: G06F7/52Applicant(s) Name: Yozan Inc.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Zhou ChangmingPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: yang guoxuAbstract A small-size low-power circuit for digital data multiplication can perform the "AND" operation of the relative bits of the first digital data with the relative bits of the second digital… Read More »

Optical filter method and mechanism for optical scanner

Application Number: 00123509Application Date: 2000.08.15Publication Number: 1338622Publication Date: 2002.03.06Priority Information: International: G01J3/02;G01J3/06;G01J3/10;G01N21/88Applicant(s) Name: Lijie Computer Co LtdAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Fang BohuaPatent Agency Code: 11127Patent Agent: li qiangAbstract An optical filter method and mechanism for optical scanner features that a filter structure consisting of combined filter and reciprocating moving unit is used in the light path… Read More »

Filter for centrifugally separating waste gas from mixture of water and gas

Application Number: 00114182Application Date: 2000.04.05Publication Number: 1273874Publication Date: 2000.11.22Priority Information: International: B01D47/06;B01D53/78Applicant(s) Name: Guo ZhaoshengAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Guo ZhaoshengPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A filter for centifugally separating waste gas from the mixture of water and waste gas is disclosed. The waster and waste gas are firstly mixed in order to disperse the dust… Read More »

Support structure for piezoelectric resonator, electronic device, ladder filter and communication apparatus

Application Number: 00120334Application Date: 2000.07.05Publication Number: 1279535Publication Date: 2001.01.10Priority Information: 1999/7/5 JP 190328/99International: H03H9/05;H03H9/15;H03H9/54Applicant(s) Name: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Unami Shungen;Kakuta TatsumoriPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: shen zhaokunAbstract A piezoelectric device includes a substrate. The substrate is provided with pattern electrodes located on a major surface thereof. Intermediate portions of external electrodes of… Read More »

Membrane filter

Application Number: 00124937Application Date: 2000.09.26Publication Number: 1344583Publication Date: 2002.04.17Priority Information: International: B01D29/35;B01D29/66;B01D63/06;B01D71/02Applicant(s) Name: Wang JiaoAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Yu Chenglie;Wang JiaoPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The membrane filter includes sewage pipe, vacuum pipe, air exhausting pipe, baffle and filtering membrane. It is featured by that the filtering membrane is pottery membrane in the shape of… Read More »

Bubble air filter for internal combustion engine of motor vehicle to reduce exhausted waste gas

Application Number: 00117388Application Date: 2000.09.04Publication Number: 1289007Publication Date: 2001.03.28Priority Information: International: F02M35/026Applicant(s) Name: Luo ZhixingAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Luo ZhixingPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The present invention relates to a liquid bubble air cleaner for internal combustion engine of motor-vehicle for reduce waste gas discharge, and is characterized by changing paper cleaner into liquid to… Read More »

Cigarette filter tip and cigarette with said filter tip

Application Number: 00122228Application Date: 2000.07.31Publication Number: 1282547Publication Date: 2001.02.07Priority Information: 1999/7/29 GB 9917819.6International: A24D1/04;A24D3/04Applicant(s) Name: Japan Tobacco Inc.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Pauror Clark;John Charlton;Atonabe IchiroPatent Agency Code: 11105Patent Agent: wang jinggangAbstract A filter for a cigarette and a filter cigarette which make a smoking feeling much milder without the original cigarette taste and aroma being spoiled… Read More »

Multifunctional electromagnetic range able to suck and filter oil soot

Application Number: 00112115Application Date: 2000.03.09Publication Number: 1313485Publication Date: 2001.09.19Priority Information: International: F24C7/00;F24C15/20Applicant(s) Name: Wu XieshengAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Wu XieshengPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A multifunctional electromagnetic range able to absorb and filter oil soot is composed of side absorption type oil soot absorbing filter and electromagnetic range. Its pot and cooking utensils are made… Read More »

Exhaust gas filter for motor-driven vehicle

Application Number: 00118208Application Date: 2000.06.01Publication Number: 1276470Publication Date: 2000.12.13Priority Information: International: F01N3/022;F01N3/04Applicant(s) Name: Shi ChengshanAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Shi ChengshanPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract An exhaust gas filter for motor-driven vehicles is composed of gas inlet, gas outlet, casing, exhaust blower and water contained in casing for filtering harmful gas. It can be directly mounted… Read More »

Surface acoustic ware filter, duplexer and communication apparatus

Application Number: 00124012Application Date: 2000.08.11Publication Number: 1284787Publication Date: 2001.02.21Priority Information: 2000/7/24 JP 222907/00; 1999/8/11 JP 227567/99International: H03H9/145;H03H9/25;H03H9/64Applicant(s) Name: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Taniguchi NoriiPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: shen zhaokunAbstract A surface acoustic wave filter includes a Y-cut X-propagation LiTaO3 substrate having a cut angle of about 38 degrees to about 46 degrees,… Read More »

Electric fan with air filter

Application Number: 00114198Application Date: 2000.04.12Publication Number: 1317648Publication Date: 2001.10.17Priority Information: International: F04D29/70Applicant(s) Name: Glanshi Electric Appliance Industry Co Ltd, Shunde CityAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Chen Jincong;Wang GuifuPatent Agency Code: 44213Patent Agent: liang gongyingAbstract An air-filtering electric fan is composed of ordinary electric fan and air filter consisting of screen plate, pre-filtering layer, filtering screen holder, filtering… Read More »

Noise Filter, anti-noise electronic device and method for eliminating noise

Application Number: 00120409Application Date: 2000.07.06Publication Number: 1279534Publication Date: 2001.01.10Priority Information: 1999/7/6 JP 191866/1999International: H01F1/01;H01F17/04;H01F27/33Applicant(s) Name: TDK Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Sato Hiroshi;Onitsuka MasahiroPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: wang sibengAbstract In a noise filter that removes noise from a power source line or a signal line, in which a noise is overlapped to a power source current… Read More »

Digital shaping filter in WCDMA communication system

Application Number: 00125310Application Date: 2000.09.21Publication Number: 1344066Publication Date: 2002.04.10Priority Information: International: H03H17/02;H04J13/00Applicant(s) Name: Huawei Technology Co LtdAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Niu Renchao;Li GangPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: zhou chengAbstract A digital shaping filter in WCDMA communication system is composed of serial-parallel converter, shift register group, inquiry table group, proportional accumulator group, output selector, global controller and… Read More »

Bauxite ceramic filter material

Application Number: 00117749Application Date: 2000.06.01Publication Number: 1326806Publication Date: 2001.12.19Priority Information: International: B01D39/20;C04B35/18Applicant(s) Name: Qunxing Chemical Ceramic General Factory, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Prov.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Zhang Jianguo;Duan Jiayou;Chen ShuliangPatent Agency Code: 36104Patent Agent: zeng jiantiAbstract The bauxite ceramic filter material has the chemical composition of: Al2O3 35-75 wt%, SiO2 20-60 wt%, Fe2O3 0.1-0.5 wt%, K2O 1.25-2… Read More »

Sheet type piezoelectric filter

Application Number: 00122278Application Date: 2000.07.28Publication Number: 1283002Publication Date: 2001.02.07Priority Information: 1999/7/29 JP 214877/99International: H03H9/54Applicant(s) Name: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Urasei MasaoPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: shen zhaokunAbstract The invention provides a chip piezoelectric filter has a plurality of energy-trap piezoelectric filters and effectively minimizes unnecessary spurious components in areas other than passbands. In… Read More »

Multifunctional precise filter

Application Number: 00112282Application Date: 2000.05.12Publication Number: 1273137Publication Date: 2000.11.15Priority Information: International: B01D33/21Applicant(s) Name: Wang QiuqiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Wang QiuqiPatent Agency Code: 32104Patent Agent: yin gongmeiAbstract A multifunctional fine filter is a tank body installed via supporting frame to machine frame. The vibration mechanism and spiral dregs-discharge mechanism are installed to bottom of tank. In the… Read More »

Oxygen enriching appliance with filter and humidifying functions

Application Number: 00118270Application Date: 2000.06.10Publication Number: 1328243Publication Date: 2001.12.26Priority Information: International: F24F3/16Applicant(s) Name: Jiang DongliangAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Jiang Dongliang;Xue XiaorongPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract An oxygen enriching appliance with filtering and humidifying functions is composed of air compressor, air intake pipeline, one-way valve, air filtering and collecting unit, air collecting chamber, pressure reducer, air… Read More »

Hub ring and support plate for filter plate and their manufacture

Application Number: 00124188Application Date: 1995.03.23Publication Number: 1307919Publication Date: 2001.08.15Priority Information: 1994/7/25 JP 192333/94; 1994/3/23 JP 78111/94International: B01D25/00Applicant(s) Name: Nagase Industry K.K.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Yasue Akiichi;Murakami KeiichiPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: yang songlingAbstract A method for manufacturing a supporting plate provided inside of a disc-type filter having filter media at surface portions thereof including the steps… Read More »

Single Chinese medicine loaded quantitatively in filter bag and its preparing process

Application Number: 00114332Application Date: 2000.01.17Publication Number: 1264579Publication Date: 2000.08.30Priority Information: International: A61J3/00;A61K9/16;A61K35/78Applicant(s) Name: Jinshi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Wuhan CityAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhang Hongyuan;Ma XinhuaPatent Agency Code: 42104Patent Agent: liu zhijuAbstract A quantitative single Chinese medicine loaded in filter bag is prepared from selecting raw materials, cleaning, softening,cutting into particles, roasting, drying, pulverizing, sieving by 0.18-2… Read More »

Solid imaging device integrated with optical low-pass filter

Application Number: 00120455Application Date: 2000.07.10Publication Number: 1297161Publication Date: 2001.05.30Priority Information: 1999/11/17 KR 51028/1999International: G02B27/46Applicant(s) Name: Harvit Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Lee Jae-Cheol;Leim Sung-Wu;Go Chun-SooPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: ma gaoAbstract There is provided a solid-state imaging device into which an optical low pass filter serving as the transparent window thereof is integrated. This integrated structure… Read More »