Technology for manufacturing section

Application Number: 00112609Application Date: 2000.01.05Publication Number: 1302714Publication Date: 2001.07.11Priority Information: International: B23P17/04;C23C22/00Applicant(s) Name: Wang HaishengAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Wang HaishengPatent Agency Code: 53100Patent Agent: jin yaoshengAbstract A technology for manufacturing steel section includes such steps as blanking from coiled cold rolled material according to design drawing, punching and surface treating to obtain a certain hardness, strength… Read More »

Inductive element and manufacturing method, and buffer circuit using said inductive element

Application Number: 00119980Application Date: 2000.06.30Publication Number: 1292560Publication Date: 2001.04.25Priority Information: 2000/6/13 JP 177261/00; 1999/6/30 JP 187074/99International: H01F17/04;H01F41/00Applicant(s) Name: Toshiba K.K.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Saito Tadao;Moritani Yasuaki;Kui KazumiPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: sun jingguoAbstract The present invention relates to an inductance element and the manufacturing method thereof. A winding having 20-500 turns(N)per length of 10 mm is… Read More »

Liquid crystal display device and its manufacturing method

Application Number: 00122650Application Date: 2000.08.10Publication Number: 1284707Publication Date: 2001.02.21Priority Information: 1999/8/13 JP 229090/99International: G02F1/1339;G09G3/36Applicant(s) Name: International Business Machine Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Yamashita Hidefumi;Noguchi Tsuichi;Hasumi TaroPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: chen jiAbstract The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device having a narrow frame, which is capable of effectively removing a defective display owing to… Read More »

Method for manufacturing kettle with metallic shell

Application Number: 00117462Application Date: 2000.09.30Publication Number: 1320407Publication Date: 2001.11.07Priority Information: International: A47J27/21Applicant(s) Name: Dachong Dabu Metal Products and Electric Appliances Factory, Lishui Town, NanhaiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: He WeiPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A method for manufacturing the kettle with metallic shell includes sleeving the wall of kettle body on a shaping male mould, using… Read More »

Technology for manufacturing non-turble ball spigot without welding

Application Number: 00121199Application Date: 2000.07.31Publication Number: 1280890Publication Date: 2001.01.24Priority Information: International: B21D51/00;B21K1/20Applicant(s) Name: Wu LeruiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Wu LeruiPatent Agency Code: 11139Patent Agent: sun haochenAbstract A technology for making non-turbulent ball plunger without welding includes such steps as punching a plate or a tube as raw material to obtain a rough blank with semisphere at… Read More »

Covering parts with plastic frame and sealed edge of motorvehicle roof and its manufacturing method

Application Number: 00124407Application Date: 2000.09.04Publication Number: 1293121Publication Date: 2001.05.02Priority Information: 2000/4/7 DE 10017169.9; 1999/9/3 DE 19942039.4International: B60J7/00;B60J10/12Applicant(s) Name: Vibast Vehicle System International GmbHAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Wiehrna PatzPatent Agency Code: 72002Patent Agent: zeng liAbstract A cover for a motor vehicle roof has a cover plate, a plastic frame which is foamed or injected around the edge… Read More »

Method for manufacturing photoelectric device

Application Number: 00118478Application Date: 2000.06.28Publication Number: 1279515Publication Date: 2001.01.10Priority Information: 1999/6/28 JP 182598/99International: G09F9/30;G09F13/22;H01L27/15;H05B33/00Applicant(s) Name: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Yamazaki Shunpei;Mizukami Mayumi;Onuma ToshimitsuPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: liang yongAbstract An object of the invention is to reduce the manufacturing cost of EL display devices and electronic devices incorporating the EL display devices.… Read More »

Optical receiving device integrated with circuit and manufacturing method thereof

Application Number: 00121955Application Date: 2000.07.27Publication Number: 1282109Publication Date: 2001.01.31Priority Information: 1999/7/27 JP 212914/99International: H01L21/82;H01L27/14;H01L27/146;H01L31/10Applicant(s) Name: Sharp K.K.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Takinomato Takahiro;Fukunaga Naoki;Oku YasuyuPatent Agency Code: 11105Patent Agent: yang wuAbstract A circuit-incorporating light receiving device includes an integrated circuit and a photodiode. The integrated circuit and the photodiode are provided on a single semiconductor substrate. The… Read More »

Magnetooptical recording medium and its manufacturing method

Application Number: 00126288Application Date: 2000.07.07Publication Number: 1282958Publication Date: 2001.02.07Priority Information: 1999/7/9 JP 196745/1999International: G11B7/24;G11B7/26;G11B11/105Applicant(s) Name: Sony Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Satobi Hiroichi;Kawase KimitakaPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: li deshanAbstract To provide a magneto-optical recording medium for recording and reproduction of information by focusing of light of a wavelength/NA of about 1000nm or less, comprising a… Read More »

Circular arc flat-bottom cupped light emitting diode manufacturing method

Application Number: 00113210Application Date: 2000.01.10Publication Number: 1304186Publication Date: 2001.07.18Priority Information: International: H01L33/00Applicant(s) Name: Zhan ZongwenAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhan ZongwenPatent Agency Code: 43113Patent Agent: xia jingAbstract A production method of circular flat-bottom concave-cup LED includes two stages: first stage, preparing a convave-cup printed circuit board, placing the printed circuit board into a drilling machine, utilizing special… Read More »

Equipment for manufacturing apodization fibre-optical raster

Application Number: 00119988Application Date: 2000.06.30Publication Number: 1292500Publication Date: 2001.04.25Priority Information: 1999/7/2 KR 26671/99International: G02B5/18;G02B6/124Applicant(s) Name: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Kim Sai-Yun;Sin Sang-Gui;Kim Moon-SeungPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: wu zengyongAbstract Disclosed is an apparatus for fabricating an apodized fiber grating, which comprises a UV(Ultra Violet)laser, a beam splitter, a plurality of reflector, a phase… Read More »

Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method

Application Number: 00122655Application Date: 2000.06.30Publication Number: 1281249Publication Date: 2001.01.24Priority Information: 1999/6/30 JP 187023/1999; 2000/6/22 JP 187995/2000International: H01L21/3213;H01L21/28;H01L21/768;C23F1/16Applicant(s) Name: Toshiba K.K.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Uosumi Yoshihiro;Okuchi Hisashi;Nadahara SoichiPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: wang yonggangAbstract The object of the present invention is to provide an etchant containing hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide solution, wherein the solution having the… Read More »

Method of manufacturing epitaxial LED chip

Application Number: 00117643Application Date: 2000.05.25Publication Number: 1307356Publication Date: 2001.08.08Priority Information: 2000/2/3 US 09/497,316International: H01L21/20;H01L21/205;H01L21/24;H01L21/30;H01L21/324;H01L33/00Applicant(s) Name: Guolian Opto-Electronic Science &. Technology Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Cai Zongliang;Zhang ZhongyingPatent Agency Code: 11105Patent Agent: tao fengbeiAbstract The manufacture of P-type compound semiconductor material with low resistivity includes: forming a P-type doped compound semiconductor layer on a substrate by… Read More »

Equipment and method for manufacturing low polarization correlated long period optical fiber grating

Application Number: 00121435Application Date: 2000.07.21Publication Number: 1282880Publication Date: 2001.02.07Priority Information: 1999/7/28 KR 99-30833International: G02B6/34Applicant(s) Name: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Kim Sae-Yun;Kim Mae-sung;Yun Sin-YongPatent Agency Code: 11021Patent Agent: rong zhiminAbstract An apparatus and method for manufacturing long period fiber gratings with low polarization dependence, and a long period fiber grating manufactured by the apparatus,… Read More »

Technology for manufacturing integrally formed mechanical shed sheet

Application Number: 00124514Application Date: 2000.09.15Publication Number: 1343537Publication Date: 2002.04.10Priority Information: International: B01D39/12;B21D31/04Applicant(s) Name: Liu ZhenmingAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Liu ZhenmingPatent Agency Code: 11127Patent Agent: jiang xurongAbstract A technology for manfuacturing the integrally formed mechanical shed sheet includes punching transverse slits at central poisition of raw metallic sheet and multiple diamond holes at both sides of slit,… Read More »

Method and system of manufacturing holographic coloured display device

Application Number: 00118603Application Date: 2000.06.16Publication Number: 1281210Publication Date: 2001.01.24Priority Information: 1999/6/25 US 09/337,030International: G09G5/02Applicant(s) Name: IBM Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: D. J. Kekars;J. A. HelouckPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: wang sibengAbstract The present invention is based on a new type PLZT recording materials, wherein PLZT is a lead zirconate titanate combination improved with lanthanum. In the… Read More »

Semi conductor device and its manufacturing method

Application Number: 00121985Application Date: 2000.06.16Publication Number: 1281255Publication Date: 2001.01.24Priority Information: 1999/6/18 JP 173199/1999International: H01L21/50;H01L23/12Applicant(s) Name: Sony Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Ito Mutsutei;Kogura Hisao;Ota KentaroPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: wang yonggangAbstract The invention provides a semiconductor device and its manufacturing method capable of enhancing the mounting strength. A semiconductor device has a substrate provided with through-holes 6A,… Read More »

Technology and die' set for manufacturing seamless Al-alloy tube

Application Number: 00126375Application Date: 2000.09.12Publication Number: 1342531Publication Date: 2002.04.03Priority Information: International: B21C23/08;B21C25/02Applicant(s) Name: Guo LiyiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Guo LiyiPatent Agency Code: 11105Patent Agent: chen xiaowenAbstract A die set for manufacturing seamless Al-alloy pipe by means of horizontal single-action extruder is composed of feeding die and shaping die. The feeding die has a leading-in segment with… Read More »

Technology for manufacturing hollow brick with blind hole

Application Number: 00113696Application Date: 2000.09.20Publication Number: 1343553Publication Date: 2002.04.10Priority Information: International: B28B1/44Applicant(s) Name: Li GuangAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Li GuangPatent Agency Code: 43113Patent Agent: wei guoxianAbstract A technology for making hollow brick with blind holes includes proportionally mixing clay, fuel material and water, extruding out cylindrical bar, cutting, die pressing, drying and calcining. Its advantages are… Read More »

Electron tube column and electron tube, and method and apparatus for manufacturing them

Application Number: 00120041Application Date: 2000.06.29Publication Number: 1279497Publication Date: 2001.01.10Priority Information: 2000/4/24 JP 123219/00; 1999/6/30 JP 187063/99International: H01J9/32;C03B23/217Applicant(s) Name: Toshiba K. K.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Saigusa Sanezumi;Sangi HidemiPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: wang hongxiangAbstract A method and device for manufacturing an electron tube stem and electronic tube are provided to manufacture high quality electron tube stems by… Read More »

Semiconductor device having nitrogen gate containing insulating film and manufacturing method

Application Number: 00122716Application Date: 2000.06.30Publication Number: 1284748Publication Date: 2001.02.21Priority Information: 1999/7/1 JP 187970/1999International: H01L29/78;H01L21/336;H01L27/00Applicant(s) Name: Toshiba K.K.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Ouchi KazuyaPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: wang yonggangAbstract A MOS semiconductor device comprises a gate insulating film containing nitrogen and formed on the semiconductor substrate; a gate electrode selectively formed on the gate insulating film; and… Read More »

Method for manufacturing protein hydrolyzation sauce

Application Number: 00117796Application Date: 2000.06.30Publication Number: 1329840Publication Date: 2002.01.09Priority Information: International: A23J3/16;A23J3/32;A23L1/227Applicant(s) Name: Kamekoman Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Nakadai Tadanobu;Okawahara Toshifumi;Hashiba HironagaPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: gui yongliangAbstract A flavouring liquid of hydrolyzed protein is prepared from plant protein through hydrolyzing it in hydrochloric acid, treating it with alkali (pH=8.2-8.7), heating by steam, and conventional… Read More »

Technology for manufacturing wooden shell of semiconductor refrigerator

Application Number: 00121453Application Date: 2000.07.24Publication Number: 1279390Publication Date: 2001.01.10Priority Information: International: F25D23/06Applicant(s) Name: Energy-Saving Investment Co., Ltd., Hebei Prov.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Guo Chen;Gao Junling;Wang ChunshengPatent Agency Code: 11230Patent Agent: zhang ejunAbstract A technology for manufacturing the wooden casing of semiconductor refrigerator includes such steps as using sealing adhesive or other sealing material to link the… Read More »

Method for manufacturing tube with low wind resistance for saddle

Application Number: 00124732Application Date: 2000.09.12Publication Number: 1342534Publication Date: 2002.04.03Priority Information: International: B21C1/22;B21D53/86Applicant(s) Name: Wen YilingAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Wen YilingPatent Agency Code: 11021Patent Agent: tang baobengAbstract A technology for manufacturing the saddle tube with low wind resistance features that an integral drawing technology is used to form a saddle tube with drip-shaped cross-section. The saddle tube… Read More »

Collecting roller and its manufacturing method

Application Number: 00110797Application Date: 2000.08.16Publication Number: 1281908Publication Date: 2001.01.31Priority Information: International: C23C28/00;C23C30/00;C25D17/00;H01R39/08Applicant(s) Name: Wang WeizhongAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Wang WeizhongPatent Agency Code: 21119Patent Agent: long fengAbstract The present invention relates to a collector roller and its production method. It is a collector roller for conduction in electroplating producting, and is characterized by that the external surface… Read More »

Optical module and its manufacturing method, semiconductor device and optical transmission device

Application Number: 00118622Application Date: 2000.06.16Publication Number: 1293375Publication Date: 2001.05.02Priority Information: 2000/4/18 JP 116438/00; 1999/6/16 JP 169659/99International: G02B6/42Applicant(s) Name: Seiko Epson Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Ichii Kazutoku;Umetsu Ichisei;Murata AkihiroPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: yang kaiAbstract An optical module comprising: an optical fiber; an optical element having an optical section and with a fixed position relative to the… Read More »

Bulb and its manufacturing method

Application Number: 00122146Application Date: 2000.07.28Publication Number: 1282977Publication Date: 2001.02.07Priority Information: 1999/7/28 JP 213293/99International: H01J9/00;H01J61/00;H01K1/00Applicant(s) Name: Matsushita Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Matsuyo Tetsuo;Matsumura Tateshi;Ishitsuka IchiroPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: wang hongxiangAbstract A base (7) has a screw form shell (8) and an eyelet (9). An end portion of the shell (8) is provided with… Read More »

Manufacturing method of square steel tube and round steet tube

Application Number: 00127052Application Date: 1996.07.26Publication Number: 1291532Publication Date: 2001.04.18Priority Information: 1996/1/31 JP 14783/1996; 1995/7/28 JP 192343/1995; 1995/8/3 JP 197838/1995; 1995/8/9 JP 202637/1995; 1995/11/7 JP 288232/1995; 1995/11/7 JP 288233/1995International: B21B23/00;B21B37/38;B21C37/15;B21C37/30Applicant(s) Name: Nakashima Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Nakashima Taku;Nakashima KoyuPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: chen jianAbstract A manufacturing method of square steel tube and round… Read More »

Technology for manufacturing degradable chopsticks, knife, fork and spoon with raw grains material

Application Number: 00114524Application Date: 2000.04.28Publication Number: 1270000Publication Date: 2000.10.18Priority Information: International: A47G21/00Applicant(s) Name: Ma JianAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Ma Jian;Zheng BoPatent Agency Code: 42113Patent Agent: ding qixuAbstract The degradable chopsticks, knife, fork and spoon are made up of high-yield low-value grains as aggregate (such as corn and sorghum grains) and high-crosslinking colloid made of modified starch… Read More »

Manufacturing system possessing feeding/prognamming buffering system

Application Number: 00120120Application Date: 2000.07.17Publication Number: 1293536Publication Date: 2001.05.02Priority Information: 1999/10/15 US 09/418732International: H05K13/00;H05K13/02;H05K3/30Applicant(s) Name: Data Input/output Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: L.M. PolortingPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: liang yongAbstract A circuit board manufacturing system is provided which includes a circuit board assembly line (30) with a feeder/programming/buffer system (50). The feeder/programming/buffer system (50) has a flexible… Read More »