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Abnormality detector for chemical and mechanical grinding

Application Number  00128962 Application Date  2000.09.22 Publication Number  1345084 Publication Date  2002.04.17 Priority Information     International Classification  H01L21/304;H01L21/66   Applicant(s) Name  Lianhua Electronics Co., Ltd.   Address     Inventor(s) Name  Lai Jianxing;Shi Huishen;Zeng Rongnan   Patent Agency Code  11105 Patent Agent  wang zhisen AbstractThe invention discloses equipment for detecting abnomrity happened in chemical… Read More »

Mechanical mouse

Application Number  00128702 Application Date  2000.09.06 Publication Number  1341356 Publication Date  2002.03.27 Priority Information     International Classification  A01M29/00   Applicant(s) Name  Zhou Yueping   Address     Inventor(s) Name  Zhou Yueping   Patent Agency Code  00000 Patent Agent   AbstractThe mechanical mouse for expelling mouse by means of intimidation includes imitative mouse, imitative mouse… Read More »

Electric current measuring mutual inductor based on mechanical wave

Application Number: 00124288Application Date: 2000.08.23Publication Number: 1290861Publication Date: 2001.04.11Priority Information: 1999/10/1 ES 9902164International: G01R15/14;G01R19/00Applicant(s) Name: Kemiyas Pope Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Zhuan A.T. MartinPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: wang maohuaAbstract Electrical current measurement transformers that convert electromagnetic fields generated by electrical currents (1) into elastic (mechanical) waves that are transmitted through a dielectric medium (3) to… Read More »

Glass/silicon binding device used for mking micro mechanical parts and its application

Application Number: 00116305Application Date: 2000.06.02Publication Number: 1273950Publication Date: 2000.11.22Priority Information: International: B81C5/00;C03C27/00Applicant(s) Name: Shanghai Inst. of Metallurgy, Chinese Academy of SciencesAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Xiong Bin;Che Lufeng;Wang YaolinPatent Agency Code: 31002Patent Agent: zhang zechunAbstract An equipment for binding glass/silicon part used as mini mechanical part is composed of probe electrode bench, microscope, CCD and monitor assembly,… Read More »

Technology for manufacturing integrally formed mechanical shed sheet

Application Number: 00124514Application Date: 2000.09.15Publication Number: 1343537Publication Date: 2002.04.10Priority Information: International: B01D39/12;B21D31/04Applicant(s) Name: Liu ZhenmingAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Liu ZhenmingPatent Agency Code: 11127Patent Agent: jiang xurongAbstract A technology for manfuacturing the integrally formed mechanical shed sheet includes punching transverse slits at central poisition of raw metallic sheet and multiple diamond holes at both sides of slit,… Read More »

Contact-type mechanical seal for axle

Application Number: 00111157Application Date: 2000.06.27Publication Number: 1279368Publication Date: 2001.01.10Priority Information: International: F16J15/16Applicant(s) Name: Shandong Research Inst. of Electric PowerAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Ding Zhaohai;Li Fushang;Bi ZhongboPatent Agency Code: 37100Patent Agent: wang junmeiAbstract A contact-type mechanical seal for shaft is composed of split-type casing and arc-segment seal assemblies. The number of seal assemblies is the even layger… Read More »

Mechanical detection meter

Application Number: 00117770Application Date: 2000.06.16Publication Number: 1288154Publication Date: 2001.03.21Priority Information: International: G01D13/22;G12B9/08Applicant(s) Name: Fang PeiyuanAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Fang Peiyuan;Fang YuxiongPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A test meter for installing or maintaining machine is composed of dial, main body and quickly linking unit. Said main body consists of hand, hand exle, hand holder, back plate… Read More »

Mechanical method for mounting jewel on claw chain

Application Number: 00125044Application Date: 2000.09.06Publication Number: 1341394Publication Date: 2002.03.27Priority Information: International: A44C17/04Applicant(s) Name: Pan GuojiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Pan GuojiPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The mechanization method for mouting jewel on the jaw chain includes the following proceduces: 1. position arrangement; arranging jewels on the jewel-arranging plate according to a certain direction and placing them… Read More »

Method and device for measuring mechanical parameters of laser

Application Number: 00112403Application Date: 2000.07.15Publication Number: 1334443Publication Date: 2002.02.06Priority Information: International: G01D21/00Applicant(s) Name: Chinese Science and Technology UinvAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Li YinmeiPatent Agency Code: 34103Patent Agent: zhao wulanAbstract A method for measuring the mechanical parameters of laser is disclosed. A continuous TEMoo-mode laser beam is emitted via coupler into a lens with strong convergent effect… Read More »

New Mechanical sofa bed with position regulation and fast assembling device

Application Number: 00117937Application Date: 2000.06.01Publication Number: 1326716Publication Date: 2001.12.19Priority Information: International: A47C17/04;F16B12/00Applicant(s) Name: Steilin Industrial Group Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Pino PatlaPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: sun zhengAbstract The sofa bed has a novel position regulating and fast assembling mechanism. The mechanism includes two lining parts supported by hinged frame and one unit capable of… Read More »

Mechanical apparatus for converting wind energy into air pressure energy use

Application Number: 00125921Application Date: 2000.08.28Publication Number: 1285466Publication Date: 2001.02.28Priority Information: International: F03D9/02Applicant(s) Name: Xu ZhongAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Xu ZhongPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The mechanical equipment for converting wind energy into pneumatic energy is characterized by cottecting the wind force dispersed in space into composite force to apply work, can be used for driving… Read More »

Mechanical method for evaporation refrigerating

Application Number: 00112524Application Date: 2000.09.11Publication Number: 1291709Publication Date: 2001.04.18Priority Information: International: F25B1/06Applicant(s) Name: Jiang DemingAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Jiang Deming;Wang MeizhenPatent Agency Code: 32102Patent Agent: shen genshuiAbstract A mechanical evaporation method for refrigeration is disclosed. The refrigerating liquid is pumped into sprayer by high-pressure liquid pump to atomize it. The pressure in evaporator is reduced and… Read More »

Mechanical automatic speed changing mechanism

Application Number: 00118413Application Date: 2000.06.05Publication Number: 1326872Publication Date: 2001.12.19Priority Information: International: B60K23/00;F16H3/08Applicant(s) Name: Jiang XiaolinAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Jiang Xiaolin;Shan Fengxian;Jiang ShanPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The automatic shift speed changing mechanism includes one overrunning clutch installed between the input shaft and the input gear and one torsional moment limiter installed between power outputting shaft… Read More »

Piezoelectric actuated chemical mechanical polishing tray

Application Number: 00126387Application Date: 2000.09.12Publication Number: 1288252Publication Date: 2001.03.21Priority Information: 1999/9/13 US 09/395,393International: B24B49/00;H01L21/304Applicant(s) Name: International Business Machine Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Karl E. Bergs;Kenith M. Davids;William F. LandersPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: du rixinAbstract A chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) control system controls distribution of pressure across the backside of a semiconductor wafer being polished. The system… Read More »

Mechanical energy converter

Application Number: 00112817Application Date: 2000.03.30Publication Number: 1271058Publication Date: 2000.10.25Priority Information: International: F03G1/02Applicant(s) Name: Deng ChaojuAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Deng ChaojuPatent Agency Code: 51115Patent Agent: yu xianzhongAbstract The mechanical energy converter converts the elastic potential energy into mechanical energy to produce work outwards. Inside a casing, there are four sets of preset elastic potential energy converting mechanisms… Read More »

Quick-reaction mechanical switching point

Application Number: 00119996Application Date: 2000.07.06Publication Number: 1292562Publication Date: 2001.04.25Priority Information: 1999/7/6 EP 99810596.9International: H01H3/22;H01H9/54;H01H33/28Applicant(s) Name: ABB High Voltage Technology AGAddress: Inventor(s) Name: K. Frilich;W. Holaus;K. KarlterningPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: su juanAbstract The switching point in a high or medium voltage switch contains two stationary switch pieces which are of cylindrical design and led coaxially… Read More »

Automatic mechanical in-line cleaning technique for evaporator

Application Number: 00113395Application Date: 2000.04.27Publication Number: 1320488Publication Date: 2001.11.07Priority Information: International: B08B9/045Applicant(s) Name: Shuaike Inst. of Mechanical Cleaning, Zhuzhou Polytechenical CollegeAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Yu Xiumin;Yu Tianlan;Wu JinxiangPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A mechanically automatic in-line cleaning technique for evaporator features that it uses such tools as rotational cleaning band installed in heating pipe, high-power… Read More »

Liquid ejector nozzle, its making method and microelectronic mechanical apparatus

Application Number: 00120178Application Date: 2000.06.02Publication Number: 1276295Publication Date: 2000.12.13Priority Information: 1999/6/4 JP 158821/1999International: B41J2/05;B41J2/14;B41J2/16Applicant(s) Name: Canon K. K.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Osaki Teruo;Yamanaka Akihiro;Imanaka YoshiyukiPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: ma gaoAbstract There is provided a liquid discharge head comprising a substrate, a ceiling plate connected to the substrate, a liquid flow path formed between the substrate… Read More »

Technology for making mechanical part

Application Number: 00113682Application Date: 2000.09.13Publication Number: 1289657Publication Date: 2001.04.04Priority Information: International: B22F3/20;B22F3/22Applicant(s) Name: Yingjie High-Tech Co Ltd, HunanAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Li Yimin;Li Songlin;Huang BoyunPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A technology for manufacturing parts of gun includes such steps as mixing graphite powder containing Fe and Ni with binder, injection shaping, degreasing and sintering. Said… Read More »

Technological process for making different gate medium thicknesses by using polysilicon mask and chemical mechanical process

Application Number: 00120190Application Date: 2000.07.20Publication Number: 1282103Publication Date: 2001.01.31Priority Information: 1999/7/22 US 09/359,290International: H01L21/70Applicant(s) Name: International Business Machine Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Garey B. Brul;Jeffry P. Ganbeno;Karl J. RadensePatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: wang yonggangAbstract A method of forming a semiconductor device, including forming a substrate with a memory array region and a logic device region,… Read More »

Mechanical grass plants (wheat straw cornstalk, rice straw & Chinese silvergrass stalk) pulping technology

Application Number: 00113771Application Date: 2000.04.04Publication Number: 1267762Publication Date: 2000.09.27Priority Information: International: D21C3/00Applicant(s) Name: Nan ZhijunAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Nan ZhijunPatent Agency Code: 61104Patent Agent: wang junAbstract In the present invention, the material is cut in cutting machine, soaked in soaking tank with 0.8-1.2% concentration NaOH solution at 50-80 deg.c and pulped, and pulp is concentrated, milled… Read More »

Conducting real time control to chemical mechanical polishing process of measuring shaft deformation

Application Number: 00120454Application Date: 2000.07.11Publication Number: 1280049Publication Date: 2001.01.17Priority Information: 1999/7/12 US 09/351,436International: B24B49/10Applicant(s) Name: International Business Machine Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Li Leping;Wang XinhuiPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: wang yonggangAbstract A method and apparatus are described for detecting an endpoint of a film removal process in which a film is removed using a polishing apparatus… Read More »

ZA27 high-aluminium zinc-base alloy and its mechanical performance improving method and composite inoculant

Application Number: 00113977Application Date: 2000.11.08Publication Number: 1299885Publication Date: 2001.06.20Priority Information: International: C22C18/04Applicant(s) Name: Qingchun Machine Tool Group Corp., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Xu Chong;Tian GuangpingPatent Agency Code: 61106Patent Agent: gou gongdongAbstract The present invention relates to an alloy material. It is characterized by that a certain quantity of compound alternant is added to 600-630 deg.C molten… Read More »

Mechanical pulping technology removing lignin by biodegradation

Application Number: 00122406Application Date: 2000.07.28Publication Number: 1300896Publication Date: 2001.06.27Priority Information: International: C12S3/08;D21C9/10Applicant(s) Name: Zhang XinqiuAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhang XinqiuPatent Agency Code: 45108Patent Agent: you qiangqiangAbstract A mechanical pulping technique with biodegradation to remove lignin includes proper degradable processing of lignin by microbes and mechanical grinding. Its advantages are cyclic use of water, no sewage drainage,… Read More »

Smooth filling for mechanical friction surface

Application Number: 00115931Application Date: 2000.07.28Publication Number: 1336421Publication Date: 2002.02.20Priority Information: International: C10M137/14Applicant(s) Name: Fuzhou Chuanghengbo Science. &. Trade Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Lin Zhongqing;Li CaiyongPatent Agency Code: 35100Patent Agent: ding xiuliAbstract The present invention relates to mechanical friction surface smoothing filler, which is composed of 16 components including anti oxidation anticorrosion agent phosphothio butyl octyl… Read More »

Electrochemical mechanical and optical finishing process for rolling bearing rollway nest

Application Number: 00123242Application Date: 2000.11.13Publication Number: 1351916Publication Date: 2002.06.05Priority Information: International: B23H5/06;B23H9/02;F16C33/64Applicant(s) Name: Zhou MianjinAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhou MianjinPatent Agency Code: 21209Patent Agent: liu zhongdaAbstract During the processing of a rolling bearing rollway nest, the whestone and the electrodes supported by the tool head are set up separately on two sides of two workpiece, the… Read More »

Smooth filling for mechanical friction surface

Application Number: 00115931Application Date: 2000.07.28Publication Number: 1336421Publication Date: 2002.02.20Priority Information: International: C10M137/14Applicant(s) Name: Fuzhou Chuanghengbo Science. &. Trade Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Lin Zhongqing;Li CaiyongPatent Agency Code: 35100Patent Agent: ding xiuliAbstract The present invention relates to mechanical friction surface smoothing filler, which is composed of 16 components including anti oxidation anticorrosion agent phosphothio butyl octyl… Read More »

Fully mechanical process for preparing tea

Application Number: 00109967Application Date: 2000.08.04Publication Number: 1280780Publication Date: 2001.01.24Priority Information: International: A23F3/06Applicant(s) Name: Tea Inst., Sichuan-Prov Academy of Agricultural SciencesAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Tan Heping;Huang PingPatent Agency Code: 51100Patent Agent: jiang xiaopingAbstract A fully mechanical process for preparing famous tea uses one-bud-two-leaves tea leaves as raw material and includes such steps as classifying fresh leaves through… Read More »

Technology and apparatus for improving physical and mechanical performance of earch in order to omanually control them

Application Number: 00109229Application Date: 2000.06.16Publication Number: 1330188Publication Date: 2002.01.09Priority Information: International: E02D3/02Applicant(s) Name: Li YingyinAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Li YingyinPatent Agency Code: 11004Patent Agent: zhu liyanAbstract A technology for improving the physically mechanical performance of earth in order to artifically control it includes such steps as designing the sites to be improved, reinforcing boundry, mechanically filling… Read More »

Handle protecting belt with multiple surface mechanical property

Application Number: 00109091Application Date: 2000.06.06Publication Number: 1326894Publication Date: 2001.12.19Priority Information: International: A63B49/08;B65H18/00Applicant(s) Name: Hanbai Enterprise Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Wang MaoxiuPatent Agency Code: 11021Patent Agent: tang baobengAbstract The handle protecting belt includes two kinds of belts, the first one has smooth outer and inner surface and the second one has rough outer surface. These two… Read More »