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Herminium food and its preparation method

Application Number: 00110551Application Date: 2000.06.15Publication Number: 1328782Publication Date: 2002.01.02Priority Information: International: A23L2/02;A23L2/52Applicant(s) Name: Zhu PeiweiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhu Peiwei;Sun XiulanPatent Agency Code: 21103Patent Agent: guo lihuaAbstract A preparation method of herminium food includes the following steps: 1. making fresh herminium into raw juice, using herminium raw juice as main component to directly make it into… Read More »

Preparation of 3,4-dichlorophenoxylethyl diethylamine

Application Number: 00111269Application Date: 2000.08.08Publication Number: 1284497Publication Date: 2001.02.21Priority Information: International: C07C213/06;C07C217/60Applicant(s) Name: Chen XiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Chen XiPatent Agency Code: 37100Patent Agent: wu weiAbstract Into the reactor, 3,4-dichlorophenol, tetrabutylamine bromide and dichloromethane are first dissolved successively through stirring, sodium hydroxide is then added while further stirring, and water solution of 2-diethylaminochoroethane hydrochloride is finally… Read More »

Agricultural chemical 'Daowenling' preparation

Application Number: 00112198Application Date: 2000.04.07Publication Number: 1317246Publication Date: 2001.10.17Priority Information: International: A01N25/00;A01N57/10Applicant(s) Name: Zhu QishengAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhu Qisheng;Fan XiaolinPatent Agency Code: 34109Patent Agent: tang maoshengAbstract An agricultural chemical "Daowenling" contains components A and B. The component A is prepared from isoprothiolane (10-16 wt.%), solid or liquid carrier (30-90 wt%), emulsifier, developer codeveloper and penetrant… Read More »

High-activity catalyst for low-temperature liquid phase synthesis of methoanol and its preparation

Application Number: 00112727Application Date: 2000.03.07Publication Number: 1312131Publication Date: 2001.09.12Priority Information: International: B01J23/72;B01J23/86Applicant(s) Name: Chengdu Inst. of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of SciencesAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Chu Wei;Wang Kuiling;Wu YutangPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The present invention is characterized by that complexation method is adopted to prepare Cu(NH3)4-(OH)2 complex solution, then (NH4)2Cr2O7 and Na2SiO2 solution are… Read More »

Paint liquid medicine for skin recovery of burn and scald and preparation process thereof

Application Number: 00113619Application Date: 2000.08.17Publication Number: 1285197Publication Date: 2001.02.28Priority Information: International: A61K35/78;A61P17/02Applicant(s) Name: Tan GongjiaoAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Tan GongjiaoPatent Agency Code: 43105Patent Agent: xiao meizheAbstract The present invention relates to a Chinese medicine paint for curing dermal burn and scald and its production method. It is composed of seven Chinese medicinal materials of cherokee rose… Read More »

Chinese medicine-psoralen preparation for preventing and curing hyperplasia of prostate

Application Number: 00114537Application Date: 2000.04.29Publication Number: 1321483Publication Date: 2001.11.14Priority Information: International: A61K31/37;A61K35/78;A61P13/08Applicant(s) Name: No.1 Hosptial Attached to Hubei Medical Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Zhan BingyanPatent Agency Code: 42102Patent Agent: wang shourenAbstract A Chinese medicine for curing hyperplasia of prostate-psoralen preparation uses the psoralen extracted from Chinese medicinal material psoralea fruit as main raw material, and possesses… Read More »

Pharmaceutical kit with 1-hydroxy ethylidene diphosphonate and its preparation and use

Application Number: 00115864Application Date: 2000.05.26Publication Number: 1278447Publication Date: 2001.01.03Priority Information: International: A61K51/00;A61P35/04Applicant(s) Name: Shanghai Atomic Nucleus Inst., Chinese Academy of SciencesAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Luo Duanzhi;Zhou Wei;Guo ZiliPatent Agency Code: 31002Patent Agent: fei kaikuiAbstract The present invention relates to a 1-hydroxy-ethylidene-diphosphonate medicament box and its preparation method. Said medicament box is formed of bone-seeking ligand HEDP,… Read More »

Preparation of hard foamed poly urethane

Application Number: 00117373Application Date: 2000.08.30Publication Number: 1288904Publication Date: 2001.03.28Priority Information: International: C08G18/48Applicant(s) Name: South-China Normal Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Zhang LiPatent Agency Code: 44201Patent Agent: he yanlingAbstract The preparation method of polyurethane hard foam body is characterized by that the amyloglycolheterosideepoxypropane polyether, butanediol, silicon oil, water, delayed action catalyst and starch are unformly mixed, then 90-110… Read More »

Process for preparation of N-alkyl-hydroxy amino-methyl-phophonic acid or its salt

Application Number: 00118843Application Date: 2000.06.17Publication Number: 1284507Publication Date: 2001.02.21Priority Information: 1994/7/1 US 08/269722; 1995/4/26 US 08/427936International: C07F9/38Applicant(s) Name: Monsanto Co.Address: Inventor(s) Name: B.K-M. Chen;J.R. Ebner;M.K. SternPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: tan mengshengAbstract A process for preparing N-hydroxyalkylaminomethylphosphonic acid or salts thereof, which comprises contacting an alkanolamine, formaldehyde and a trialkyl phosphite under suitable reaction conditions… Read More »

Chinese medicine preparation for curing hepatitis B and other hepatic diseases

Application Number: 00121048Application Date: 2000.07.17Publication Number: 1279991Publication Date: 2001.01.17Priority Information: International: A61K35/78;A61P1/16Applicant(s) Name: Zhang ZhichangAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhang ZhichangPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A Chinese medicine preparation is a medicine capsule, which is prepared from 13 Chinese medicinal materials through the procedures of decocting Baiguan, Chinese arborvitae seed, antelope's horn, white peony root, Chinese… Read More »

Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating coronary heart disease and preparation method thereof

Application Number: 00123001Application Date: 2000.09.14Publication Number: 1295843Publication Date: 2001.05.23Priority Information: International: A61K35/78;A61P9/10Applicant(s) Name: Che ShaowenAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Che Shaowen;Che XiaolongPatent Agency Code: 22204Patent Agent: tang yongAbstract A composition of Chinese medicine for curing coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, deficiency of qi and blood, oppressed feeling in chest, palpitation due to myocardial ischemia with high and… Read More »

Multi-function gasoline synergist and preparation process thereof

Application Number: 00124693Application Date: 2000.09.29Publication Number: 1345916Publication Date: 2002.04.24Priority Information: International: C10L1/10Applicant(s) Name: Jiang WeizhiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Jiang WeizhiPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The present invention relates to a high-effective multifunctional synergist for gasoline. It is made up by utilizing existent some chemical raw materials according to a certain proportion, and adopting a certain… Read More »

Scaled copper-gold powder preparation process under the condition of nitrogen protective atmosphere

Application Number: 00125773Application Date: 2000.10.26Publication Number: 1292312Publication Date: 2001.04.25Priority Information: International: B22F9/04Applicant(s) Name: Shanghai Jiatong Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Zhou Jinxin;Ma Zifeng;Huang YongchangPatent Agency Code: 31201Patent Agent: mao cuiyingAbstract The production process of flaky cuproaurite powder includes the following steps: adding adjuvant using stearic acid as main body in the raw material of cuproaurite powder, its… Read More »

Preparation of lamellar crystalline sodium disilicate

Application Number: 00110908Application Date: 2000.02.25Publication Number: 1310130Publication Date: 2001.08.29Priority Information: International: C01B33/32Applicant(s) Name: Qingdao Alkali Industry Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Luo Shukai;Ding Shuang;Ding ShanxiuPatent Agency Code: 37108Patent Agent: xiang jiaqiAbstract The present invention features that crushed solid silicate of module 1.9-2.1 is devitrification treated in a devitrification equipment for at most 180 min, preferably 20-120… Read More »

Polysaccharide with certain immunological activity and its preparation

Application Number: 00111647Application Date: 2000.02.01Publication Number: 1306861Publication Date: 2001.08.08Priority Information: International: A61K39/39;A61K31/715;A61P37/02Applicant(s) Name: Angli Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Fan XiaobingPatent Agency Code: 31129Patent Agent: wang weiAbstract The present invention relates to an immunity preparation process of polysaccharide with certain immunological activity. The polysaccharide is an acid one comprising arabinose, galactose, rhanmose and… Read More »

Nanometer fluid high-effective heat-conductive cooling working medium and its preparation method

Application Number: 00112344Application Date: 2000.06.15Publication Number: 1329123Publication Date: 2002.01.02Priority Information: International: B22F9/00;C09K5/08Applicant(s) Name: Nanjing Univ. of Science & EngineeringAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Xuan Yimin;Li QiangPatent Agency Code: 32203Patent Agent: zhu xianguoAbstract A preparation method of nanometer fluid high-efficiency heat-conducting cooling work medium includes the following steps: directly mixing metal or metal oxide nanometer particles with volume… Read More »

Active component of fleabane flower and its preparing process and preparation

Application Number: 00113019Application Date: 2000.06.12Publication Number: 1327811Publication Date: 2001.12.26Priority Information: International: A61K35/78;A61P9/10Applicant(s) Name: Kunming Inst of Phytology, Chinese Academy of SciencesAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Sun Handong;Zhao Qinshi;Shan ZhenguangPatent Agency Code: 53100Patent Agent: jin yaoshengAbstract A medicine for treating palsy after apoplexy, coronary heart disease, hypertension and cerebral embolism is prepared from fleabane flower through crushing, extracting… Read More »

Quick-acting powder preparation for curing toothache

Application Number: 00113934Application Date: 2000.10.08Publication Number: 1292269Publication Date: 2001.04.25Priority Information: International: A61K33/04;A61K35/78;A61P1/02Applicant(s) Name: Ju TongtuAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Ju Tongtu;Ju MingliangPatent Agency Code: 61205Patent Agent: wang pinhuaAbstract The present invention uses the Chinese medicinal materials of mirabilite, pueraria root, ledebouriella root and asarum as raw material, and respectively adopts the processes of pulverizing, sieving, and proportioning… Read More »

preparation of fixed and carried aluminium trichloride catalyst

Application Number: 00114886Application Date: 2000.05.19Publication Number: 1324690Publication Date: 2001.12.05Priority Information: International: B01J27/10;B01J27/125Applicant(s) Name: China Petrochemical Group Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Cai Tianxi;He Min;Shi XianzhePatent Agency Code: 21200Patent Agent: hou mengyuanAbstract The present invention utilizes the aluminium murate steam produced by means of reactio of CCl4 and high-purity gamma-Al2O3 and diplopore gamma-Al2O3 surface to produce hydroxylation reaction… Read More »

Medicine containing drachonis and its preparation method

Application Number: 00116205Application Date: 2000.05.26Publication Number: 1426784Publication Date: 2003.07.02Priority Information: International: A61K7/48;A61K9/06;A61K9/10;A61K9/20;A61K9/48;A61K35/78Applicant(s) Name: China Medicine Research and Development CentreAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Li Hanyun;Zhu BaofengPatent Agency Code: 31213Patent Agent: wang weiAbstract A Chinese medicine in the form of capsule, tablet, buccal lozenge, ointment, cream, or face mask for treating colonorrrhagia features that it contains Dragon's blood.… Read More »

Chinese herbal medicine preparation for treating nameless sores or boils

Application Number: 00117787Application Date: 2000.06.20Publication Number: 1286984Publication Date: 2001.03.14Priority Information: International: A61K35/78;A61P31/00Applicant(s) Name: Jiang ShiliangAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Jiang ShiliangPatent Agency Code: 36111Patent Agent: wan yichunAbstract The Chinese herbal medicine preparation is prepared with plant materials including denticulate ixeris herb, Chinese brake herb, Japanese cayratia herb and three-colored amaranth leaf, and based on traditional Chinese medicine… Read More »

Production process of salt algae powder and preparation of salt algae powder capsule

Application Number: 00119359Application Date: 2000.06.29Publication Number: 1284379Publication Date: 2001.02.21Priority Information: International: A61K35/80;A61P37/02;A61P43/00;C12N1/12Applicant(s) Name: Tianjin Micro-algae Biological Technology Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Guo Liancheng;Zhang Junjie;Cui ZhiqiangPatent Agency Code: 12200Patent Agent: zhao zunshengAbstract The present invention belongs to the technology of culturing and separating microbial algae and producing health food. Salt alage is cultured in enclosed culture… Read More »

Optical information recording desk and preparation of dye solution

Application Number: 00121699Application Date: 2000.05.26Publication Number: 1282957Publication Date: 2001.02.07Priority Information: 1999/5/26 JP 146400/99; 1999/5/26 JP 146401/99; 1999/6/8 JP 160848/99; 1999/6/14 JP 167304/99; 1999/6/14 JP 167405/99International: G11B7/24;G03C1/29Applicant(s) Name: Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Usami Yuhisa;Inahan YoshioPatent Agency Code: 72002Patent Agent: yu huiAbstract An optical information recording disc showing good recording characteristics is prepared by… Read More »

Seed coating preparation of Chinese ephedra

Application Number: 00123672Application Date: 2000.08.28Publication Number: 1339255Publication Date: 2002.03.13Priority Information: International: A01N43/72Applicant(s) Name: Huselu Industry Co., Ltd., Inner MonggoliaAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Liu Shan;Qi LinhuaPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The chinese ephedra seed coating preparation includes the ingredients of sodium polyacrylate, 3-hydroxyl-5-methyliso oxazole, brassinolide and ethyl acetate. It has the functions of disinfection, promoting growth… Read More »

Catalyst for preparing cis-anhydride by n-butane oxidation and preparation method thereof

Application Number: 00124999Application Date: 2000.09.29Publication Number: 1345630Publication Date: 2002.04.24Priority Information: International: B01J27/198Applicant(s) Name: China Petrochemical Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Yang Linsong;Qiao Zhiping;Ren JianyinPatent Agency Code: 11218Patent Agent: wei qiangwenAbstract The present invention relates to a catalyst for preparing cis-butenedioic anhydrode by utilizing n-butane oxidation and its preparation method. It is made up by using N2O5, H3PO4,… Read More »

Polymer containing siloxane, its preparation method and use

Application Number: 00126341Application Date: 2000.09.07Publication Number: 1293215Publication Date: 2001.05.02Priority Information: 1999/9/7 DE 19942565.5; 1999/10/28 DE 19951877.7International: C08G77/50Applicant(s) Name: BASF AG.Address: Inventor(s) Name: H. Vitlloer;A. Sana;P. ChsoerPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: liu yuanjinAbstract In water-soluble or redispersible polymers, obtained by free radical polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomers A in the presence of silicone derivative(s) B containing… Read More »

Preparation of high-grade fish smell-eliminating fish oil

Application Number: 00111079Application Date: 2000.04.20Publication Number: 1318634Publication Date: 2001.10.24Priority Information: International: C11B3/10Applicant(s) Name: National Marine Medicine Engineering Technology Research CenterAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Han Yuqian;Guan HuashiPatent Agency Code: 37201Patent Agent: cui qingchenAbstract The preparation includes one step of adsorption with adsorbent and features that supercritical fluid extraction with CO2 or propane as supercritical fluid and the… Read More »

Natural herbal medicine composition with the functions of stopping itching, disinfection and antiphlogosis and its preparation

Application Number: 00112029Application Date: 2000.01.13Publication Number: 1265320Publication Date: 2000.09.06Priority Information: International: A61K31/04;A61K35/78;A61P17/00Applicant(s) Name: Yu HuiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Yu HuiPatent Agency Code: 34101Patent Agent: jin huizhenAbstract The medicine composition of the present invention is prepared by using selfheal and Java brucea as material and through twice decoction, blending medicine juice, filtering to eliminate impurity, heating to… Read More »

Preparation of positive material for lithium ion secondary cell

Application Number: 00112653Application Date: 2000.01.26Publication Number: 1307371Publication Date: 2001.08.08Priority Information: International: C01D15/00;C04B35/01;C04B35/622;H01M4/04Applicant(s) Name: Chengdu Inst. of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of SciencesAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Liu Xingquan;Yu ZuolongPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract In the preparation of complex metal oxide, the positive material LixMn2-yMyO4, is sunthesized in lithium ion accumulator. It features that a lithium containing… Read More »

Preparation of oil soluble tea polyphenol derivative used as edible oil antioxidant

Application Number: 00113162Application Date: 2000.09.05Publication Number: 1284543Publication Date: 2001.02.21Priority Information: International: C07C39/10;C09K15/06Applicant(s) Name: Sichuan Dongfang Insulating Material Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Tang Anbin;Zhang Dewen;Chen YuhaoPatent Agency Code: 51103Patent Agent: yang yinmaoAbstract The oil soluble tea polyphenol derivative is prepared by using water soluble tea polyphenol derivative, C6-C30 acyl chloride, acylation catalyst, rearrangement assistant, reductant, etc.… Read More »