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Technology for producing fresh bamboo juice rice and its product

Application Number: 00114001Application Date: 2000.01.03Publication Number: 1273047Publication Date: 2000.11.15Priority Information: International: A23L1/182;A23L1/30;A23L3/42Applicant(s) Name: Li XuetaoAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Li XuetaoPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A fresh bamboo juice rice is made up from high-quality rice and fresh bamboo juice extracted from fresh biennial bamboo, and features rich nutrients including several amino acids, several minerals, multi-vitamines,… Read More »

Method and product for using compressed gas as propellant

Application Number: 00119054Application Date: 2000.10.24Publication Number: 1293085Publication Date: 2001.05.02Priority Information: International: B05B7/02;B05B7/24;B65D83/14Applicant(s) Name: Yan BingAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Yan Bing;Chen ZhenPatent Agency Code: 32204Patent Agent: chen jianheAbstract A method for using composed air (CO2 or nitrogen gas) as propellant includes such steps as filling compressed gas in empty can, sealing, and then loading chemical. One of… Read More »

Method for processing and preparing fat chemical product hydrogenated castor oil

Application Number: 00122334Application Date: 2000.08.24Publication Number: 1288048Publication Date: 2001.03.21Priority Information: International: C11C3/12Applicant(s) Name: Tongliao Chemical PlantAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhang Yaoqi;Wang EnPatent Agency Code: 15102Patent Agent: nie bengAbstract A process for preparing hydrogenated castor oil includes choosing catalyst, adding catalyst, hydrogenation, vacuum drying, filter and cooling.

Production method for hemp wet-spun yarn and its product

Application Number: 00125929Application Date: 2000.08.30Publication Number: 1292435Publication Date: 2001.04.25Priority Information: International: D02G3/02Applicant(s) Name: Zhao DehuiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhao DehuiPatent Agency Code: 23100Patent Agent: xu zhaoguangAbstract The present invention relates to a production method of hemp wet-spun yarn and its product. It is characterized by that said method includes the following steps: raw material scutched hamp,… Read More »

Safety type tobacco sheet and its tobacco product

Application Number: 00111645Application Date: 2000.02.01Publication Number: 1259322Publication Date: 2000.07.12Priority Information: International: A24D1/18Applicant(s) Name: Yang HoufaAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Yang HoufaPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The invention discloses a safety type tobacco thin sheet and its tobacco product, it includes breaking tobacco stem, steaming, cooling, dissociating fiber, then mixed with broken tobacco leaf and tobacco waste… Read More »

Polypeptide-human N-myc gene product 9.46 and polynucleotide for coding it

Application Number: 00116849Application Date: 2000.06.28Publication Number: 1331176Publication Date: 2002.01.16Priority Information: International: A61K31/7088;A61K38/16;A61K38/17;A61K39/395;A61P7/00;A61P31/00;A61P31/18;A61P35/00;A61P37/00;C07H21/00;C07K14/00;C07K14/435;C07K16/00;C07K16/18;C12N15/10;C12N15/11;C12N15/12;C12N15/63;C12N15/64;C12P21/00;C12Q1/68;G01N33/68Applicant(s) Name: Bode Gene Development Co Ltd, ShanghaiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Mao Yumin;Xie YiPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A novel polypeptide-human N-myc gene product 9.46, the polynucleotide for coding it, the process for preparing the said polypeptide by DNA recombination, the application of the… Read More »

Liquid-resisting layered product with reinforced underlayment

Application Number: 00120472Application Date: 2000.07.12Publication Number: 1284428Publication Date: 2001.02.21Priority Information: 1999/8/13 US 09/374,499International: B27N3/02;B32B27/10Applicant(s) Name: Premark RWP Holdings, Inc.Address: Inventor(s) Name: J.L. Marin;V.L. Stolasky;J.L WilliamsPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: chen jizhuangAbstract The invention provides a laminate panel having desired characteristics even though the materials having these desired characteristics are not compatible in at least one… Read More »

Semi-finished product forming method for plastic metal watch band

Application Number: 00123564Application Date: 2000.08.17Publication Number: 1339278Publication Date: 2002.03.13Priority Information: International: A44C5/00;A44C27/00;B21D3/16;B21D22/00Applicant(s) Name: Shunxingda Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Chen QingdaPatent Agency Code: 72002Patent Agent: li shumengAbstract The process of forming semi-finished product for plastic metal watch band includes the steps of: pressing wire material of plastic metal into coarse blank; hot rolling to form blank… Read More »

N-pentanol purifying process from light oil as by product of producing cyclohexanone

Application Number: 00113384Application Date: 2000.04.20Publication Number: 1269344Publication Date: 2000.10.11Priority Information: International: C07C29/88;C07C31/125Applicant(s) Name: Yueyang Petrochemical Plant, Baling Petrochemical Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Zhang Zhenxiang;Zhou Xiaowen;Liu JihongPatent Agency Code: 43103Patent Agent: wang mengshuAbstract A method for purifying n-amyl alcohol from by-product produced in cyclohexanone production process is characterized by that it uses sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and… Read More »

Battery terminal moulding and sealing process and product

Application Number: 00117596Application Date: 2000.11.06Publication Number: 1300111Publication Date: 2001.06.20Priority Information: International: B29C45/00;C09K3/10;H01M2/10;H01M2/30Applicant(s) Name: Xiongtao Power Supply Science &. Technology Co., Ltd., ShenzhenAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhang HuanongPatent Agency Code: 44209Patent Agent: chen hongyinAbstract The sealing process of cell terminal includes the following steps: mounting upper cover of cell, making terminal pass through the polar column hole… Read More »

Prepn process and product of fish scale glue

Application Number: 00121362Application Date: 2000.07.24Publication Number: 1335088Publication Date: 2002.02.13Priority Information: International: A23L1/0562;A23L1/327Applicant(s) Name: Yan AipingAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Yan AipingPatent Agency Code: 11139Patent Agent: sun haochenAbstract The fish scale gelatin is prepared with fish scale and through washing, soaking in seasoning wine, decoction together with scallion, ginger and water and elimination of dregs. During the decoction,… Read More »

Sensitive silver halide emulsions, its product and silver halide photographic sensitive material

Application Number: 00124414Application Date: 2000.09.07Publication Number: 1341871Publication Date: 2002.03.27Priority Information: International: G03C1/035Applicant(s) Name: Fuji PHoto Film Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Inami Yoshisei;Sasaki Hirotomo;Takeuchi KanPatent Agency Code: 11100Patent Agent: cheng fengruAbstract The present invention relates to a preparation method of photosensitive silver halide emulsion containing silver halide particles, in which the flat silver halide particle content… Read More »

Special health-care product for juvenile and its preparing process

Application Number: 00114021Application Date: 2000.01.17Publication Number: 1305832Publication Date: 2001.08.01Priority Information: International: A61K35/78;A61P3/02Applicant(s) Name: Fushouxian Health-Care Products Co Ltd, Guangzhou CityAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhang YoushengPatent Agency Code: 44100Patent Agent: liu xiaoxueAbstract An efficient health-care product for children is prepared from 8 Chinese-medicinal materials including tuckahoe, haw, imperate rhizome, liquorice root, green tea, etc through selection, crushing,… Read More »

Antibacterial daily ceramic product

Application Number: 00119369Application Date: 2000.06.27Publication Number: 1331059Publication Date: 2002.01.16Priority Information: International: C03C8/00;C04B33/02;C04B33/34Applicant(s) Name: Yunnan UnivAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Wu Xinghui;Zhou Zhenlai;Wang RulinPatent Agency Code: 53200Patent Agent: yang hongzhenAbstract An antibacterial ceramic product for daily use features that its basic ceramic body is made up of I-L, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, and K2O+Na2O, its ordinery enamel… Read More »

Granular food product

Application Number: 00122611Application Date: 2000.08.03Publication Number: 1282544Publication Date: 2001.02.07Priority Information: 1999/8/3 EP 99202546.0International: A23L1/40;A23P1/02Applicant(s) Name: Societe Des Produits Nestle S.A.Address: Inventor(s) Name: H. Hefflig;P. Dupat;L. BlachusPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: zhang anyuAbstract The invention relates to a free flowing granular food product comprising a swelling powdered food material and having a relatively big mean diameter… Read More »

Resin for blow-moulded polyethylene products and blow-moulded polyethylene product using said resin

Application Number: 00126490Application Date: 2000.09.01Publication Number: 1288910Publication Date: 2001.03.28Priority Information: 1999/9/1 JP 247323/99; 2000/8/2 JP 234146/00International: C08L23/04;B32B37/00;B29D22/00Applicant(s) Name: Mitsui Chemicals. Inc.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Iwamasa Kenji;Kageyama AyaoPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: chen wenjingAbstract A resin for a polyethylene blow molded article comprises linear low-density polyethylene having a density (ASTM D 1505) of not more than 0.930… Read More »

Producing product from plant waste material

Application Number: 00112160Application Date: 2000.03.22Publication Number: 1314090Publication Date: 2001.09.26Priority Information: International: A23K1/14Applicant(s) Name: Lu ZhenyunAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Lu Zhenyun;Lu ZemiaoPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The present invention relates to the processing of agricultural product and side product and especially the utilization of waste plant material. Crop straw and other side product of plant material… Read More »

Medicine for treating cold in any season and its product

Application Number: 00116870Application Date: 2000.06.29Publication Number: 1330945Publication Date: 2002.01.16Priority Information: International: A61K35/78;A61P31/00Applicant(s) Name: Zhen LiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Zhen LiPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A Chinese medicine in the form of capsules, oral liquid, powder and instant particles for treating cold is prepared from 16 Chinese-medicinal materials including schizonepeta, cinammon twigs, capejasmine fruit, forsythia fruit,… Read More »

System and method of producing laminated product by using plastic film

Application Number: 00120473Application Date: 2000.07.12Publication Number: 1282662Publication Date: 2001.02.07Priority Information: 1999/7/29 US 09/363,466International: B32B27/16Applicant(s) Name: Premark RWP Holdings Inc.Address: Inventor(s) Name: R.R. KlerbisPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: chen jizhuangAbstract A thermoplastic film that may be used in making an end product, such as a high pressure decorative laminate is disclosed. The film may be formed… Read More »

Health-care polypeptide product for nerve and its preparing process

Application Number: 00123587Application Date: 2000.08.23Publication Number: 1289618Publication Date: 2001.04.04Priority Information: International: A61K35/30;A61P43/00Applicant(s) Name: Chen YongAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Chen YongPatent Agency Code: 11127Patent Agent: huang jianAbstract A health-care neural polypeptide is prepared through mixing the liquid extract of brain tissue of mammal with soybean phosphatide proportionally. Said liquid extract is extracted from brain tissue of mammal… Read More »

Magical publication readings, its production method and product

Application Number: 00113391Application Date: 2000.04.26Publication Number: 1268445Publication Date: 2000.10.04Priority Information: International: B41M5/132;B44F1/10Applicant(s) Name: Ning ShaozhouAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Ning ShaozhouPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The present invention discloses a making method of published magic reading material which is characterized by that a chemical raw material capable of hidden, appear or change colour is selected to… Read More »

Coating applicator used to coat product and its application in transfer said product to a surface such as skin

Application Number: 00118094Application Date: 2000.06.09Publication Number: 1291458Publication Date: 2001.04.18Priority Information: 1999/6/9 FR 99/07272International: A45D33/36;A45D34/04;A45D40/26;A61M35/00Applicant(s) Name: L'orealAddress: Inventor(s) Name: G. RuliyaPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: cui yaobengAbstract An applicator for applying a product, includes a handling element secured to an application member. The application member includes a base and an application support is mounted on the… Read More »

Process for preparing antelope-fish brain beverage and its product

Application Number: 00121375Application Date: 2000.07.25Publication Number: 1279039Publication Date: 2001.01.10Priority Information: International: A23L1/29;A23L1/325;A23L2/38Applicant(s) Name: Chen GuangzheAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Chen GuangzhePatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract An antelope's horn-fish brain beverage is prepared through immersing dried fish brain in water, washing, deodouring with boiling water and sliced ginger, cutting into small blocks, adding purified water, crystal sugar,… Read More »

Surface modifying method for plastic formed product, and surface-modified formed products

Application Number: 00124531Application Date: 2000.09.19Publication Number: 1288908Publication Date: 2001.03.28Priority Information: 2000/7/17 JP 216175/00; 1999/9/21 JP 267828/99International: C08J7/00Applicant(s) Name: Daicel Chemical Industries. Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Hiraishi Masanori;Takahashi KeikazuPatent Agency Code: 11216Patent Agent: liu jiyangAbstract An easy and clean surface reforming method for a plastic molded product is disclosed. A surface reforming method for a plastic molded… Read More »

Continuous industrial production technolofy of refined emulsified asphalt product

Application Number: 00114287Application Date: 2000.05.19Publication Number: 1324914Publication Date: 2001.12.05Priority Information: International: C10C3/00Applicant(s) Name: Meng LizengAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Meng Lizeng;Zhang Bailin;Meng JianxinPatent Agency Code: 44105Patent Agent: liang xiaoyingAbstract An industrial continuous production process of fine emulsified asphalt includes the folloiwng steps: 1. using 1 portions of emulsifier and 40-70 portions of fresh water at 70 deg.C-80… Read More »

Novel polypeptide–gene product 8.69 conjugated with CpG island of VIII factor gene and polynucleotide for encoding said polypeptide

Application Number: 00119419Application Date: 2000.07.07Publication Number: 1333234Publication Date: 2002.01.30Priority Information: International: A61K31/7088;A61K38/16;A61K38/17;A61K39/395;A61P7/00;A61P31/00;A61P31/18;A61P35/00;A61P37/00;C07H21/00;C07K14/00;C07K14/435;C07K16/00;C07K16/18;C12N15/10;C12N15/11;C12N15/12;C12N15/63;C12N15/64;C12P21/00;C12Q1/68;G01N33/68Applicant(s) Name: Shanghai Bode Gene Development Co., LtdAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Mao Yumin;Xie YiPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract The present invention discloses a novel polypeptide-gene product 8.69 conjugated with CpG island of VIII factor gene, polynucleotide for coding said polypeptide and method for producing… Read More »

Hydraulic replication method of annular product and decorative product made by said method

Application Number: 00122660Application Date: 2000.06.17Publication Number: 1280902Publication Date: 2001.01.24Priority Information: 1999/6/18 JP 173358/99International: B60R13/00;B41M3/12;B41M5/03;B44C1/175Applicant(s) Name: Cubic Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Mizuta ZentoPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: wen dapengAbstract The present invention provides a method and workpiece of liquid pressure transfer. The liquid pressure transfer capable of applying a decorative pattern to a loop-like workpiece with… Read More »

Special tourmaline ceramic product

Application Number: 00126626Application Date: 2000.10.13Publication Number: 1348936Publication Date: 2002.05.15Priority Information: International: C04B35/16Applicant(s) Name: Sinoforeign Joint Venture Hunan Anschane Mass Transfer Equipment Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Li DunwuPatent Agency Code: 43105Patent Agent: wang fananAbstract This invention relates to a special carbide-ceramic product which contains the main material-carbide, and auxiliary materials-crystalline quantz, clay, zeolite, ZrO, TiO, Bi2O3,… Read More »

One-step hydrolysis process of producing active white carbon from silicon tetrafluoride by product of phosophate fertilizer plant

Application Number: 00112161Application Date: 2000.03.23Publication Number: 1267634Publication Date: 2000.09.27Priority Information: International: C01B33/113;C09C1/28Applicant(s) Name: Li YuanzhiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Li Yuanzhi;Fan YiningPatent Agency Code: 32204Patent Agent: chen jianheAbstract Silicon tetrafluoride gas after dedusted and purified is introduced directly into deionized water containing proper amount of surfactant while fast stirring for hydrolysis, the hydrolysis temperature is 20-80 deg.c… Read More »

Polypeptide-human spinal muscle dystrophy definitive gene product 9.13 and polynucleotide for coding it

Application Number: 00116919Application Date: 2000.06.30Publication Number: 1331207Publication Date: 2002.01.16Priority Information: International: A61K31/7088;A61K38/16;A61K38/17;A61K39/395;A61P7/00;A61P31/00;A61P31/18;A61P35/00;A61P37/00;C07H21/00;C07K14/00;C07K14/435;C07K16/00;C07K16/18;C12N15/10;C12N15/11;C12N15/12;C12N15/63;C12N15/64;C12P21/00;C12Q1/68;G01N33/68Applicant(s) Name: Bode Gene Development Co Ltd, ShanghaiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Mao Yumin;Xie YiPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A novel polypeptide-human spinal muscle dystrophy definitive gene product 9.13, the polynucleotide for coding it, the process for preparing the said polypeptide by DNA recombination, the… Read More »