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Phenolic resin for low-temp foaming and its preparing process

Application Number: 00111275Application Date: 2000.08.10Publication Number: 1282746Publication Date: 2001.02.07Priority Information: International: C08G8/10Applicant(s) Name: Sun WeijunAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Sun Weijun;Liu WeiPatent Agency Code: 37108Patent Agent: wang jingyangAbstract A process for preparing high ortho phenolic resin for low-temp. (o deg.C) foaming includes pre-polycondensation reaction of phenol on a part of formaldehyde in organic acid, high-temp. condensation reaction… Read More »

Ink jet colour filter resin composition, colour filter and manufacturing method thereof

Application Number: 00118650Application Date: 2000.04.27Publication Number: 1281151Publication Date: 2001.01.24Priority Information: 1999/4/27 JP 120529/99International: G02B5/20Applicant(s) Name: Jeschya Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Kikuchi Koshi;Miyashimo Go;Nakamura ToshioPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: wang jihaoAbstract A resin composition for producing a color filter by an ink jet system contains (A) a colorant, (B) a binder resin and (C) a solvent… Read More »

Fire-retarded epoxy resin composition, its preparing method and use

Application Number: 00123527Application Date: 2000.08.18Publication Number: 1339534Publication Date: 2002.03.13Priority Information: International: C08K9/00;C08K3/22;C08L63/00Applicant(s) Name: Changchun Artificial Resin Plant Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Huang Kunyuan;Chen HongxingPatent Agency Code: 72003Patent Agent: yang shuyuanAbstract The fire retardant epoxy resin composite consists of epoxy resin, curing agent and metal hydrate as inorganic filler coated by the epoxy resin, and contains… Read More »

Partial esterification products of aromatic hydroxy-carboxylic resin and use thereof

Application Number: 00127090Application Date: 2000.09.08Publication Number: 1296024Publication Date: 2001.05.23Priority Information: 1994/8/25 JP 200836/94; 1994/8/25 JP 200837/94; 1994/8/25 JP 200838/94; 1994/10/13 JP 247883/94International: C08G63/00Applicant(s) Name: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Karasawa Akio;Yamaguchi Akihiro;Yamaguchi KeizoroPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: yang liqinAbstract Disclosed are an aromatic hydroxycarboxylic acid resin represented by the following formula (11): wherein each A… Read More »

Mother particles of polypropylene resin for preparing polypropene fibre containing ginkgo leaf extract

Application Number: 00115443Application Date: 2000.04.26Publication Number: 1320653Publication Date: 2001.11.07Priority Information: International: B29B9/12;C08J3/12;D01F1/08;D01F6/06Applicant(s) Name: Shanghai Petro-Chemical Co., LtdAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Chen Kequan;Qian Ying;Qian ZhilongPatent Agency Code: 31102Patent Agent: yuan mengchangAbstract A polypropene resin mother particle used for preparing health-care polypropene fibre features that it contains uniformly the extract of gingko leaf (1-10 wt.%), so the polypropene… Read More »

Polyolefine resin composition

Application Number: 00120230Application Date: 2000.07.12Publication Number: 1280145Publication Date: 2001.01.17Priority Information: 1999/7/13 JP 199431/99; 1999/7/29 JP 215750/99International: C08K5/49;C08L23/00Applicant(s) Name: Chisso Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Horikoshi Masagoshi;Suzuki MasakazuPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: wang jingchaoAbstract A polyolefin resin composition having excellent transparency and high impact resistance at low temperature, each of the compositions containing a specific amount of a… Read More »

Electrically conductive resin feeder for packing semiconductor device

Application Number: 00124331Application Date: 2000.09.08Publication Number: 1343004Publication Date: 2002.04.03Priority Information: International: H01L21/60Applicant(s) Name: Puluoqiangsheng Semiconductor Co Ltd, BeijingAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Chen QingfengPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract An electrically conductive resin feeder used in device packaging semiconductor is disclosed, which improves the traditional packaging technology in such area that the position of coating said resin… Read More »

Weather-resistant antistatic polypropylene resin used specially for outdoor unit of air conditioner

Application Number: 00117198Application Date: 2000.06.22Publication Number: 1277237Publication Date: 2000.12.20Priority Information: International: C08L23/12;C09K3/16Applicant(s) Name: Jusailong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd., ConghuaAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Hao YuanzengPatent Agency Code: 44104Patent Agent: shi zezhiAbstract The polypropylene resin has components including polypropylene copolymer 60-80wt%, polypropylene homopolymer 5-20, polyolefine elastomer 5-15wt%, inorganic filler 5-28wt%, antioxidant 0.1-2wt%, light stabilizer 0.1-2wt% and antistatic agent… Read More »

Resin composition based on olefine hydrocarbon and formed product containing said composition

Application Number: 00122238Application Date: 2000.07.28Publication Number: 1282759Publication Date: 2001.02.07Priority Information: 1999/7/30 JP 217587/99International: C08J5/18;C08L23/16Applicant(s) Name: Suminoto Chemical Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Koshima Tomoki;Sakatani TaiichiPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: liu yuanjinAbstract The present invention provides an olefin-based resin composition comprising an olefin-based resin and an inorganic compound particle, wherein the olefin-based resin is a copolymer of… Read More »

ABS based resin and its prepn. method

Application Number: 00126360Application Date: 2000.09.07Publication Number: 1298900Publication Date: 2001.06.13Priority Information: 1993/12/27 JP 332396/93; 1993/12/27 JP 332398/93; 1993/12/27 JP 332399/93; 1993/12/27 JP 332400/93; 1994/4/20 JP 81429/94International: C08L55/02Applicant(s) Name: Mitsui Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Iwamoto Hajima;Nakashima Akihiko;Takaku NaohitoPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: zhou huiminAbstract A molding of an ABS-based resin has rubber particles located at… Read More »

Compound steel pipe and pipe elements with liner of glass scales and resin, and making method thereof

Application Number: 00111401Application Date: 2000.01.01Publication Number: 1262408Publication Date: 2000.08.09Priority Information: International: F16L9/14;F16L23/032;F16L58/04Applicant(s) Name: Huadong Science and Engineering Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Ma Yulu;Li Hailin;Gao YuanjiPatent Agency Code: 31203Patent Agent: luo dachenAbstract A compound steel pipe and pipe element with liner of glass scale resin is composed of external steel pipe and liner of glass scale resin,… Read More »

Liquid crystal polyester resin composition

Application Number: 00118651Application Date: 2000.05.08Publication Number: 1277243Publication Date: 2000.12.20Priority Information: 1999/5/10 JP 127947/99International: C09K19/38Applicant(s) Name: Sumitomo Kagaku Kogyo K. K.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Maita Mitsuo;Nakamura HiroshiPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: wang jihaoAbstract Provided is a liquid crystal polyester resin composition comprising a liquid crystal polyester resin and a fluorocarbon polymer having a flow beginning temperature of… Read More »

Phosphorous resin and fire retarded resin composition containing said resin

Application Number: 00123528Application Date: 2000.08.18Publication Number: 1339519Publication Date: 2002.03.13Priority Information: International: C08G79/02;C08L85/02;C09J163/00;H01B3/30Applicant(s) Name: Changchun Artificial Resin Plant Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Huang Kunyuan;Chen Hongxing;Du AnbangPatent Agency Code: 72003Patent Agent: yang shuyuanAbstract The present invention relates to a kind of phosphorous resin and fire retarded resin composite containing said resin. The said fire retarded resin composite… Read More »

Preparation of water-thinned paint with hydrolysis-resisting alkyd resin

Application Number: 00115590Application Date: 2000.05.06Publication Number: 1274736Publication Date: 2000.11.29Priority Information: International: C09D167/00Applicant(s) Name: Fudan Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Wang Changchun;Hu Jianhua;Fu ShoukuanPatent Agency Code: 31200Patent Agent: lu feiAbstract Polymer containing 2-6 carboxyl groiups and with a 500-5000 molecular weight is used to replace phthalic anhydride or m-phthalic acid synthesizing alkyd resin, which is then compounded to… Read More »

Process for improving adhesion force of water base ink to halogen-containing resin products

Application Number: 00120306Application Date: 2000.05.26Publication Number: 1275591Publication Date: 2000.12.06Priority Information: 1999/5/26 US 09/320,304International: C08K5/37;C08L27/06Applicant(s) Name: Rohm and Haas Co.Address: Inventor(s) Name: T. C. Duworl;J. L. CarpentPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: chen jizhuangAbstract Flexible and semi-rigid vinyl chloride resin compositions comprising a combination of a latent mercaptan and a zinc salt of oxidized polyethylene (a zinc… Read More »

Application of electrically conductive resin in binding of semiconductor device

Application Number: 00124332Application Date: 2000.09.08Publication Number: 1343005Publication Date: 2002.04.03Priority Information: International: H01L21/60Applicant(s) Name: Puluoqiangsheng Semiconductor Co Ltd, BeijingAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Chen QingfengPatent Agency Code: 00000Patent Agent: Abstract A novel application of electrically conductive resin (Ag-contained epoxy resin) in binding to convex weld pads used for leading-out wires of semiconductor chip is disclosed. As said weld… Read More »

Phenolic resin low temp. foaming machine

Application Number: 00117445Application Date: 2000.09.26Publication Number: 1345656Publication Date: 2002.04.24Priority Information: International: B29C67/20Applicant(s) Name: Guangzhou Qingtian New Material Research & Development Co., ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Chen Xiaoxia;Chen Xiying;He JianfengPatent Agency Code: 44104Patent Agent: guan jiaqiangAbstract The phenolic resin low-temp. forming machine belongs to a polymer chemical equipment for preparing phenolic resin foam plastics. Said foaming machine… Read More »

Resin composition for sliding element and sliding element produced thereby

Application Number: 00122572Application Date: 2000.06.19Publication Number: 1312330Publication Date: 2001.09.12Priority Information: 2000/3/8 JP 63838/00International: C08K5/49;C08L79/08Applicant(s) Name: Oiles Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Yagise Sumiei;Nakamarau TakashiPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: wang jihaoAbstract A resin composition for a sliding member of the present invention comprises 5 to 40% by weight of barium sulfate; 1 to 30% by weight of a… Read More »

Method for mfg. unsaturated polyester and unsaturated polyester resin compsns.

Application Number: 00126400Application Date: 2000.07.28Publication Number: 1283645Publication Date: 2001.02.14Priority Information: 1999/7/28 JP 213543/1999International: C08G63/52;C08L67/06Applicant(s) Name: Dainippon Inks Chemical Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Yasumura Takashi;Yoshioka ChikaraPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: liu jinhuiAbstract A process for producing an unsaturated polyester comprising the steps of (1) (A) depolymerizing polyethylene terephthalate with a polyhydric alcohol, (B) adding maleic anhydride… Read More »

Conducting polypropylene-EVA resin

Application Number: 00111889Application Date: 2000.03.06Publication Number: 1312321Publication Date: 2001.09.12Priority Information: International: C08K3/04;C08L23/12;C08L31/04Applicant(s) Name: Dasailu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., ShanghaiAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Jin FuweiPatent Agency Code: 31104Patent Agent: ying yunbengAbstract The present invention provides a conductive polypropylene-EVA resin, its composition includes 50-80 pts. wt. of polypropylene resin; 20-50 pts. wt of EVA resin and 15-35 pts.… Read More »

Coating method for resin type protection composition, glue spreader using the same method and the same composition

Application Number: 00118768Application Date: 2000.06.23Publication Number: 1287025Publication Date: 2001.03.14Priority Information: 1999/6/24 JP 178599/99; 2000/3/13 JP 68875/00International: B05C1/08;B05C5/04;B05D7/04;B05D7/14;C09D5/08;C09D7/12Applicant(s) Name: Mico Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Kawazura Yutaka;Madara Toyoki;Tojima ToyoePatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: zhang mingyuAbstract The invention provides a coating method for resin reflux which is superior in workshop environment and safety and a roll coater and… Read More »

Cross-linked polypropylene resin and its application

Application Number: 00123620Application Date: 2000.08.25Publication Number: 1289795Publication Date: 2001.04.04Priority Information: International: C08J3/24;C08L23/12Applicant(s) Name: Inst of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of SciencesAddress: Inventor(s) Name: Ou Yuchun;Fang XiaopingPatent Agency Code: 11021Patent Agent: hu jiaoyuAbstract A cross-linked polypropylene resin contains polyprppylene (60-93 wt. portions), functional thermoplastic elastomer (5-25), and functional filler (2-15), and features high cross-linking level, less broken… Read More »

Process for synthesizing aminodiphenylether resin

Application Number: 00116003Application Date: 2000.09.06Publication Number: 1283646Publication Date: 2001.02.14Priority Information: International: C08G65/333Applicant(s) Name: Hankou Branch, Huazhong Science and Engineering Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Liu Jiyan;Liu Xueqing;He LiPatent Agency Code: 42104Patent Agent: zhao senlinAbstract A process for preparing the aminodiphenylether resin includes the Friedel-Grafts reaction of acetanile with diphenylether resin under existance of p-toluenesulfonic acid as catalyst… Read More »

Method for connecting moulded resin products, processing box and assembling method therefor

Application Number: 00120328Application Date: 2000.05.19Publication Number: 1277913Publication Date: 2000.12.27Priority Information: 1999/5/20 JP 139914/1999; 2000/5/16 JP 143047/2000International: B29C45/14;G03G15/06Applicant(s) Name: Canon K. K.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Suzuki Akira;Abe Kenshiro;Tsukuda TadayukiPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: he tengyunAbstract A bonding method for bonding molded resin products, the improvement residing in that a first one of the molded resin products and… Read More »

Diazo coupling process of polymer to synthesize high molecular epoxy resin dye

Application Number: 00124423Application Date: 2000.09.01Publication Number: 1284524Publication Date: 2001.02.21Priority Information: International: C09B69/10Applicant(s) Name: Qinghua Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Wang XiaogongPatent Agency Code: 11201Patent Agent: luo wenqunAbstract The diazo coupling process includes the first preparation of primary epoxy resin polymer, the second preparation of diazo salt with aromatic amino compound, and the final diazo coupling reaction of… Read More »

Mono-axial or biaxial stretched polyester resin foamed sheet and film

Application Number: 00117688Application Date: 2000.05.24Publication Number: 1276287Publication Date: 2000.12.13Priority Information: 1999/11/15 EP 99122046.8; 1999/5/24 IT MI99A001139International: B29C55/16Applicant(s) Name: Sinco Research S. P. A.Address: Inventor(s) Name: H. Algata;S. Collur;T. SeveriniPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: chen wenjingAbstract Mono- or biaxially-stretched polyester resin foamed sheets and films wherein the polyester resin has a melt strength of more than… Read More »

Transparent rubber modified polystyrene resin composite

Application Number: 00122629Application Date: 2000.08.04Publication Number: 1337419Publication Date: 2002.02.27Priority Information: International: C08L9/06;C08L25/08Applicant(s) Name: Qimei Industry Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Xu RuixiPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: chen wenjingAbstract The present invention relates to a transparent rubber modified styrene series resin composition which comprises rubber particle disperse phase formed from rubber-like copolymer and copolymer continuous phase consisting… Read More »

Resin for blow-moulded polyethylene products and blow-moulded polyethylene product using said resin

Application Number: 00126490Application Date: 2000.09.01Publication Number: 1288910Publication Date: 2001.03.28Priority Information: 1999/9/1 JP 247323/99; 2000/8/2 JP 234146/00International: C08L23/04;B32B37/00;B29D22/00Applicant(s) Name: Mitsui Chemicals. Inc.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Iwamasa Kenji;Kageyama AyaoPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: chen wenjingAbstract A resin for a polyethylene blow molded article comprises linear low-density polyethylene having a density (ASTM D 1505) of not more than 0.930… Read More »

Process for preparing low-iodine releasing polyiodine resin

Application Number: 00112092Application Date: 2000.02.25Publication Number: 1261049Publication Date: 2000.07.26Priority Information: International: C01B7/14;C08G79/00Applicant(s) Name: Dongnan Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Wang Yihong;Zhang Zhenglin;Song WeiPatent Agency Code: 32200Patent Agent: shen lianAbstract A process for preparing polyiodine resin with low iodine release includes such steps as ion exchange reaction between strong alkaline quaternary anionic exchange resin and polyiodine ion solution… Read More »

Process for preparation of high-molecular-weight thermoplastic resin composition and its use

Application Number: 00118837Application Date: 2000.06.16Publication Number: 1278535Publication Date: 2001.01.03Priority Information: 1999/6/16 JP 169946/99International: C08G63/91Applicant(s) Name: Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Nishita MiginoPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: zhang mingyuAbstract The present invention provides: a process for producing a high molecular weight thermoplastic resin composition, which can give the high molecular weight thermoplastic resin composition with… Read More »