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Fluorinated sulfamide for low combustible solvent in electrochemical batteries

Application Number  00129026 Application Date  2000.09.27 Publication Number  1289765 Publication Date  2001.04.04 Priority Information   1999/9/29 DE 19946673.4; 1999/11/9 DE 19953638.4   International Classification  C07C311/02;C07C311/03;C07C311/09;H01G4/018;H01M8/00   Applicant(s) Name  Merck Patent GmbH   Address     Inventor(s) Name  M. Smidet;U. Heyde;A. Kuna   Patent Agency Code  11038 Patent Agent  chen jizhuang AbstractThe invention relates to fluorinated… Read More »

Method for preparing N-[5-(diphenyl phosphinyl methyl)-4-(4-fluoropheyl)-6-isopropyl pyrimidine-2-group]-N-methl methane sulfamide

Application Number: 00103783Application Date: 2000.03.10Publication Number: 1272499Publication Date: 2000.11.08Priority Information: 1999/3/10 EP 99104785.3; 1999/3/10 EP 99104786.1International: C07F9/6512Applicant(s) Name: Lonza AGAddress: Inventor(s) Name: W. Boulleden;U.FayeguPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: chen wenjingAbstract N-5-(Diphenylphosphinoylmethyl)-4-(4-fluorophenyl)-6-isopropylpyrimidi n-2-yl-N-methylmethanesulphonamide of the formula(see formula I) is prepared by reaction of 4-(4-fluorophenyl)-6-isopropyl-2-(N-methyl-N-methylsulphonylamino)pyri midin-5-yl methanol with chlorodiphenylphosphine. Compound I is an intermediate in the synthesis… Read More »