Using single base station search positioning in CDMA/TDMA system

Application Number  00129278 Application Date  2000.09.30
Publication Number  1291062 Publication Date  2001.04.11
Priority Information   1999/10/5 US 09/412,307  
Applicant(s) Name  Lucent Technologies Co.  
Inventor(s) Name  Ybulashim Taken;Chen Hua;Jiang Tongqing  
Patent Agency Code  11038 Patent Agent  jiang shixun
AbstractA location or position of a wireless mobile unit is determined using only measurements from a single base station. A distance between the wireless mobile unit and the base station is calculated utilizing a roundtrip delay value of an RF uplink signal received from a wireless mobile unit. Thereafter, an angle of arrival of the received signal is determined using measurements of the received signal from each of a plurality of antenna sectors of a multi-sector antenna. The angle of arrival is determined based upon stored antenna signal measurements of the multi-sector antenna, wherein a combination of different sector signal measurements corresponds to a single angle measurement. Using the determined distance and angle of arrival, a position or location of a wireless mobile unit can easily be determined using only measurements of the single base station.