Vacuum anagnetically controlled sputtering foamed metalizing machine

Application Number: 00110745
Application Date: 2000.08.01
Publication Number: 1299886
Publication Date: 2001.06.20
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International: C23C14/20;C23C14/35
Applicant(s) Name: Changchun Information Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Inventor(s) Name: Ma Guodong
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Abstract The sputter comprises vacuum chamber and feed roll, coiling roll and sputtering target which are placed in said vacuum chamber and speed transforming transmission mechanism. In the course of that the foam plastic tape is uniformly wound round the coiling roll from feed roll, it can be sputteringly coated with nickel particles uniformly to implement its pretreatment process for making foam nickel. The foam nickel made up by adopting said machine possesses high purity and physical property, and is an excellent polar plate material for making nickel-hydrogen cell.