Weft-insertion nozzle of water-jet loom

Application Number: 00108737
Application Date: 2000.05.31
Publication Number: 1275641
Publication Date: 2000.12.06
Priority Information: 1999/5/31 JP 151525/99
International: D03D47/32
Applicant(s) Name: Toyota Jidoshokki Seisakusho K. K.
Inventor(s) Name: Shinmizu Kazuya;sasamoto Yasuichi;Hattori Hiroichi
Patent Agency Code: 72001
Patent Agent: zhang tianan
Abstract A weft yarn piercing a needle for guiding the weft yarn is inserted with a pressurized water jetted from a jetting opening by the supply of the pressurized water to a waterway between the outer periphery of the needle for guiding the weft yarn and the inner hole of a nozzle body. Plural distributors are arranged in a ring like shape in the waterway. A contracted passage is formed at the downstream of the plural distributors. The angle [theta] of the tapered hole 171 for forming-the contracted passage is regulated within the range of 15deg.-30deg., and the length of the distributor 192 in the conveying direction of the weft yarn in the needle for guiding the yarn is regulated within the range of 0.71-1.71 times (5-12 mm) as much as the diameter d of the inner hole.