Welding electrode of stainless martensitic-austenitic steel for resisting gas holes, moisture and abrasion

Application Number: 00114375
Application Date: 2000.02.15
Publication Number: 1264634
Publication Date: 2000.08.30
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International: B23K35/362
Applicant(s) Name: Huazhong Science and Engineering Univ.
Inventor(s) Name: Yu Shengfu;Li Zhiyuan
Patent Agency Code: 42201
Patent Agent: yang weiguo
Abstract A welding electrode of stainless martensitic-astenitic steel features that its coated layer is the mixture of 21 components which may be alloy powders and minerals including rutile, titanium oxide, potassium titanate, argil, marble, fluorspar, etc. Its advantages are high weldability, resisting gas hols, moisture and abrasion, and high anticorrosion and anticracking nature.