Wet process for preparing aluminium powder pigment

Application Number  00129352 Application Date  2000.11.27
Publication Number  1298905 Publication Date  2001.06.13
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Applicant(s) Name  Manyingde Chemical Co Ltd, Shandong  
Inventor(s) Name  Zhang Wei;Qi Yan;Ji Hongqiang  
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AbstractThe present invention relates to a wet method production technology of aluminium powder pigment. Aluminium powder as raw material, solvent, adjuvant and steel ball are put into a ball mill, after grinding, proceed solid-liquid separation to obtain filter cake, then put the filter cake, solvent, adjuvant and metal columnary medium in ball mill, and proceed low-speed grinding in weak oxydation atmosphere, the ground aluminium flake is kneaded into the product. It the fore-said process, using classifying device to separate aluminium powder (flake) into crude material and fine material, then send them to the next step for further classification. Advantages; narrow grain-size distribution of aluminium powder pigment, high covering power, and high whiteness and brightness values.