Application of Chinese-medicinal composition in preparing medicines

Application Number: 00123796
Application Date: 2000.09.07
Publication Number: 1286100
Publication Date: 2001.03.07
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International: A61K35/78;A61P15/02
Applicant(s) Name: Shang Yuejie
Inventor(s) Name: Shang Yuejie
Patent Agency Code: 11230
Patent Agent: zhang ejun
Abstract A Chinese-medicinal composition is composed of citric acid and digallic acid, which are extracted from 5 Chinese-medicinal materials including schisandra fruit, haw, black plum, etc, and can be used to prepare injection for treating vaginal looseness. Its advantages are high curative effect (the effective rate up to 100% and the cure rate up to 96% or more), and no complication.