Blocking closure floating boat for combating flood

Application Number: 00114249
Application Date: 2000.05.01
Publication Number: 1268464
Publication Date: 2000.10.04
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International: B63B35/34;B63B38/00
Applicant(s) Name: Liang Zhaoxuan
Inventor(s) Name: Liang Zhaoxuan;Liang Zhaowei;Liang Jiexing
Patent Agency Code: 44213
Patent Agent: tang qiangxi
Abstract An antiflood and plugging and damming stream flow drifting ship includes a ship body with drive's cab, the two sides of said ship body are installed with dam type aprom wall which can be inserted into the bottom of river for blocking the flow of water, the ship body is set with large sump and water supply and discharge device. Along the longitudinal direction of ship body, multiple side anchors with lifting mechanism are uniformly set; at the lower part of ship body, transversely propelling power mechanism is set up. Its characteristics are quick motion, long protecting distance by linking up several drifting ships, convenient to locate site, easy to operate, safe and reliable.