Braille rivet or walking leading body

Application Number: 00108265
Application Date: 2000.04.28
Publication Number: 1321812
Publication Date: 2001.11.14
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International: E01F9/04;E01F9/06
Applicant(s) Name: Hiroshima Chemical Co., Ltd.
Inventor(s) Name: Tamaru Tomohiro;Akusa Yoshikazu;Miake Kazuo
Patent Agency Code: 31100
Patent Agent: wang hongxiang
Abstract The braille rivet capable of laying on the pavement for leading and assisting blind person with walking possesses a stub portion and an umbrella portion, on the surface of umbrella portion a recess portion with a certain defined form is formed, and also a longitudinal hole communicated with said recess portion and a fixing portion whose sectional area is layer than that of longitudinal hole are formed. Said recess portion, longtidinal hole and fixing portion can be integrated into one body with heating hardened resin. The adoption of said invention can reduce production cost and construction cost.