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Trade mark number 000000002 Type Figurative Filing date 01/04/1996 Registration date 15/09/1997 Nice Classification 16, 41, 42 Trade mark status Registered Basis EUTM on which IA is based Reference CTM966 Owner information Owner ID number 838 Owner name EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES TRADE MARK ASSOCIATION Representative information Representative ID number 10682 Representative name CURELL SUÑOL S.L.P. Last… Read More »

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EUTM Trade mark information Name (Trade mark without text) Filing number 000000349 Basis EUTM Date of receipt 02/01/1996 Type Figurative Nature Individual Nice classes 16, 18, 25 ( Nice Classification ) Vienna Classification 07.01.16 ( Vienna Classification ) Filing date 01/04/1996 Registration date 19/07/2000 Expiry date 01/04/2006 Designation date Filing language English Second language Spanish… Read More »

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4166-75 (41667) EVAP-FRESH NO RINSE EVAPORATOR COIL CLEANER & DISINFECTANT (LEMON SCENT) Details EPA Reg. No. 1839-84-65516 Type DISINFECTANT, FUNGICIDE, ANTIMICROBIAL Use COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, HOUSEHOLD, HOSPITAL, INSTITUTIONAL Status REGISTERED Restriction Codes None Label Conditions None Toxicity Statement NONE Signal Word WARNING Precautionary Statement DERMAL, ORAL Formulation SOLID Renewal Date 09/30/2017 Initial Registration Date 02/27/2013 Active… Read More »

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Ezydog Products

Ezydog Products, Ezydog Products information about, Ezydog Products UPC, Ezydog Barcodes, Ezydog gtin codes, Ezydog gcp codes, Ezydog Product Photos BSIN : HV1P2F Brand name : Ezydog Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Big Boy Neo Dog Collar In Black Size-see Chart Below X-large-wide:21-24 N GTIN Code : 0807203111317 / UPC 807203111317 GCP Code… Read More »

Exuviance Products

Exuviance Products, Exuviance Products information about, Exuviance Products UPC, Exuviance Barcodes, Exuviance gtin codes, Exuviance gcp codes, Exuviance Product Photos BSIN : KZ7X23 Brand name : Exuviance Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Age Repair Trio GTIN Code : 0732013200114 / UPC 732013200114 GCP Code  : 0732013****** Commercial name : Age Repair Trio Weight… Read More »

Extrême Products

Extrême Products, Extrême Products information about, Extrême Products UPC, Extrême Barcodes, Extrême gtin codes, Extrême gcp codes, Extrême Product Photos BSIN : ATWBQN Brand name : Extrême Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 7613033497940 GCP Code  : 7613033****** Commercial name : Name of 7613033497940 coming soon GTIN Code : 7613033113413 GCP Code… Read More »

Extra Gum Products

Extra Gum Products, Extra Gum Products information about, Extra Gum Products UPC, Extra Gum Barcodes, Extra Gum gtin codes, Extra Gum gcp codes, Extra Gum Product Photos BSIN : Q844SC Brand name : Extra Gum Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Bitters 90 Veg Cap GTIN Code : 0708118023217 / UPC 708118023217 GCP Code… Read More »

Extang Products

Extang Products, Extang Products information about, Extang Products UPC, Extang Barcodes, Extang gtin codes, Extang gcp codes, Extang Product Photos BSIN : 3QLBXV Brand name : Extang Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 14515 Tuff Tonno GTIN Code : 0750289145151 / UPC 750289145151 GCP Code  : 0750289****** Commercial name : 14515 Tuff Tonno 14535… Read More »

ExOfficio Products

ExOfficio Products, ExOfficio Products information about, ExOfficio Products UPC, ExOfficio Barcodes, ExOfficio gtin codes, ExOfficio gcp codes, ExOfficio Product Photos BSIN : Z7ICB5 Brand name : ExOfficio Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Ex Officio – Ex Officio Air Strip LS Woven (Fall 2010) – Mens GTIN Code : 0613543487605 / UPC 613543487605 GCP… Read More »

Excedrin Products

Excedrin Products, Excedrin Products information about, Excedrin Products UPC, Excedrin Barcodes, Excedrin gtin codes, Excedrin gcp codes, Excedrin Product Photos BSIN : NN6C6N Brand name : Excedrin Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 97102 Excedrin Extra Strength Pain Reliever 4 tablet GTIN Code : 0792554702119 / UPC 792554702119 GCP Code  : 0792554****** Commercial name… Read More »

Exacompta Products

Exacompta Products, Exacompta Products information about, Exacompta Products UPC, Exacompta Barcodes, Exacompta gtin codes, Exacompta gcp codes, Exacompta Product Photos BSIN : FKP9JH Brand name : Exacompta Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3037927465800 GCP Code  : 303792******* Commercial name : Name of 3037927465800 coming soon GTIN Code : 3037920582108 GCP… Read More »

Evolved Novelties Products

Evolved Novelties Products, Evolved Novelties Products information about, Evolved Novelties Products UPC, Evolved Novelties Barcodes, Evolved Novelties gtin codes, Evolved Novelties gcp codes, Evolved Novelties Product Photos BSIN : 4UJ7XM Brand name : Evolved Novelties Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Beaver Shot Shotgun Shell Black GTIN Code : 0844477002392 / UPC 844477002392 GCP… Read More »

Evolve Products

Evolve Products, Evolve Products information about, Evolve Products UPC, Evolve Barcodes, Evolve gtin codes, Evolve gcp codes, Evolve Product Photos BSIN : NWHJMN Brand name : Evolve Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Adult Maintenance Dog Food Size 5 L X 16.5 W X 24.5 H 30 lb GTIN Code : 0073657380313 / UPC 073657380313… Read More »

Evian Products

Evian Products, Evian Products information about, Evian Products UPC, Evian Barcodes, Evian gtin codes, Evian gcp codes, Evian Product Photos BSIN : AQGC62 Brand name : Evian Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3068320013589 GCP Code  : 306832******* Commercial name : Name of 3068320013589 coming soon GTIN Code : 3574660033144 GCP… Read More »

Everlast Products

Everlast Products, Everlast Products information about, Everlast Products UPC, Everlast Barcodes, Everlast gtin codes, Everlast gcp codes, Everlast Product Photos BSIN : PE886X Brand name : Everlast Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Original GTIN Code : 3298839044532 GCP Code  : 329883******* Commercial name : Original Original For Men Edt Spray GTIN Code :… Read More »

Evergreen Group Products

Evergreen Group Products, Evergreen Group Products information about, Evergreen Group Products UPC, Evergreen Group Barcodes, Evergreen Group gtin codes, Evergreen Group gcp codes, Evergreen Group Product Photos BSIN : ZZTX76 Brand name : Evergreen Group Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Stemless Monogram Glass – C GTIN Code : 0746851423673 / UPC 746851423673 GCP… Read More »

Evenflo Products

Evenflo Products, Evenflo Products information about, Evenflo Products UPC, Evenflo Barcodes, Evenflo gtin codes, Evenflo gcp codes, Evenflo Product Photos BSIN : 1Z42KU Brand name : Evenflo Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 0032884169733 / UPC 032884169733 GCP Code  : 0032884****** Commercial name : Name of 0032884169733 coming soon GTIN Code… Read More »

Even Products

Even Products, Even Products information about, Even Products UPC, Even Barcodes, Even gtin codes, Even gcp codes, Even Product Photos BSIN : 6H8A32 Brand name : Even Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : accompagnement a base de legume barquette plastique standard bouillie d’avoine GTIN Code : 3218930312002 GCP Code  : 321893******* Commercial name :… Read More »

Europharma Products

Europharma Products, Europharma Products information about, Europharma Products UPC, Europharma Barcodes, Europharma gtin codes, Europharma gcp codes, Europharma Product Photos BSIN : JXDYFY Brand name : Europharma Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 12-hour Energy Caps 30 softgels GTIN Code : 0367703401030 / UPC 367703401030 GCP Code  : 0367703****** Commercial name : 12-hour Energy… Read More »

Eurographics Products

Eurographics Products, Eurographics Products information about, Eurographics Products UPC, Eurographics Barcodes, Eurographics gtin codes, Eurographics gcp codes, Eurographics Product Photos BSIN : DUSE3K Brand name : Eurographics Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : A New And Accurate Map Of The World Jigsaw Puzzle GTIN Code : 0628136620062 / UPC 628136620062 GCP Code  : 0628136******… Read More »

Eurocom Products

Eurocom Products, Eurocom Products information about, Eurocom Products UPC, Eurocom Barcodes, Eurocom gtin codes, Eurocom gcp codes, Eurocom Product Photos BSIN : QJAKWN Brand name : Eurocom Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3831025852148 GCP Code  : 38310258***** Commercial name : Name of 3831025852148 coming soon GTIN Code : 3831025881384 GCP… Read More »

Euro-Nat Products

Euro-Nat Products, Euro-Nat Products information about, Euro-Nat Products UPC, Euro-Nat Barcodes, Euro-Nat gtin codes, Euro-Nat gcp codes, Euro-Nat Product Photos BSIN : 73W4XH Brand name : Euro-Nat Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3380380024054 GCP Code  : 338038******* Commercial name : Name of 3380380024054 coming soon GTIN Code : 3380380053276 GCP… Read More »

Eureka Products

Eureka Products, Eureka Products information about, Eureka Products UPC, Eureka Barcodes, Eureka gtin codes, Eureka gcp codes, Eureka Product Photos BSIN : UTXH4I Brand name : Eureka Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 2 Durabelt Hoover Vacuum Belts Convertible Style 048 Fits Model Series Hoover… GTIN Code : 0023169118911 / UPC 023169118911 GCP Code… Read More »

Eukanuba Products

Eukanuba Products, Eukanuba Products information about, Eukanuba Products UPC, Eukanuba Barcodes, Eukanuba gtin codes, Eukanuba gcp codes, Eukanuba Product Photos BSIN : UMR815 Brand name : Eukanuba Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Active Performance 28 18 Adult Dog Food 33 lb GTIN Code : 0019014609482 / UPC 019014609482 GCP Code  : 0019014****** Commercial… Read More »

Eugene Perma Products

Eugene Perma Products, Eugene Perma Products information about, Eugene Perma Products UPC, Eugene Perma Barcodes, Eugene Perma gtin codes, Eugene Perma gcp codes, Eugene Perma Product Photos BSIN : 6GJYTC Brand name : Eugene Perma Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : ARGENT|CHAMPU ARGENT REFLEJOS -CAB.BLANCOS|50 ML. (BIORENE) GTIN Code : 8411802203551 GCP Code  :… Read More »

Eugène Color Products

Eugène Color Products, Eugène Color Products information about, Eugène Color Products UPC, Eugène Color Barcodes, Eugène Color gtin codes, Eugène Color gcp codes, Eugène Color Product Photos BSIN : SR5YPA Brand name : Eugène Color Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : color coloration permanente boite cartonjusqu’a 6 tons eau oxygenee kit decolorant GTIN Code… Read More »

Eucerin Products

Eucerin Products, Eucerin Products information about, Eucerin Products UPC, Eucerin Barcodes, Eucerin gtin codes, Eucerin gcp codes, Eucerin Product Photos BSIN : SMSVSH Brand name : Eucerin Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Alpha Hydroxy Lotion GTIN Code : 0072140039677 / UPC 072140039677 GCP Code  : 0072140****** Commercial name : Alpha Hydroxy Lotion Volume… Read More »

Etro Products

Etro Products, Etro Products information about, Etro Products UPC, Etro Barcodes, Etro gtin codes, Etro gcp codes, Etro Product Photos BSIN : J1Q6HF Brand name : Etro Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 8026247003118 GCP Code  : 8026247****** Commercial name : Name of 8026247003118 coming soon GTIN Code : 8026247003132 GCP… Read More »

Ethical Pet Products

Ethical Pet Products, Ethical Pet Products information about, Ethical Pet Products UPC, Ethical Pet Barcodes, Ethical Pet gtin codes, Ethical Pet gcp codes, Ethical Pet Product Photos BSIN : MN3S9Z Brand name : Ethical Pet Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 1 Pint Stainless Steel Double Diner Boxed 1 unit GTIN Code : 0077234063576… Read More »