VIA DEI TRIBUNALI Status: Application under examination (2017-06-12) (210) Serial number of the application 016856429 (220) Date of filing of the application 2017-06-12 (270) Language(s) of the application it (541) Reproduction of the mark where the mark is represented in standard characters VIA DEI TRIBUNALI (550) Indication relating to the nature or kind of mark Read more


VIBRANCE Details NY Product No. 100-1374 Type FUNGICIDE Use AGRICULTURAL, SEED TREATMENT Status REGISTERED Restriction Codes None Restriction Conditions None Toxicity Statement FISH Signal Word CAUTION Precautionary Statement ORAL Formulation LIQUID Renewal Date 12/01/2018 Initial Registration Date 01/10/2014 Active Ingredients AI Code Active Ingredient Name Percent of AI 129223 Sedaxane 43,7 NYS Labels/Documents Document Type Read more


VIBRANCE EXTREME Details NY Product No. 100-1382 Type FUNGICIDE Use AGRICULTURAL, SEED TREATMENT Status REGISTERED Restriction Codes None Restriction Conditions GROUNDWATER ADVISORY Toxicity Statement AQUATIC INVERTEBRATES, FISH, BIRDS Signal Word CAUTION Precautionary Statement EYES Formulation LIQUID Renewal Date 12/01/2018 Initial Registration Date 01/10/2014 Active Ingredients AI Code Active Ingredient Name Percent of AI 128847 Difenoconazole Read more



Vulli Products

Vulli Products, Vulli Products information about, Vulli Products UPC, Vulli Barcodes, Vulli gtin codes, Vulli gcp codes, Vulli Product Photos BSIN : HD6X9W Brand name : Vulli Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3056562302622 GCP Code  : 305656******* Commercial name : Name of 3056562302622 coming soon GTIN Code : 3056562307351 GCP Code Read more

Vu Products

Vu Products, Vu Products information about, Vu Products UPC, Vu Barcodes, Vu gtin codes, Vu gcp codes, Vu Product Photos BSIN : 45I3KY Brand name : Vu Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3152210002606 GCP Code  : 315221******* Commercial name : Name of 3152210002606 coming soon GTIN Code : 3152210002613 GCP Read more

Vtech jouets Products

Vtech jouets Products, Vtech jouets Products information about, Vtech jouets Products UPC, Vtech jouets Barcodes, Vtech jouets gtin codes, Vtech jouets gcp codes, Vtech jouets Product Photos BSIN : 1VQR3L Brand name : Vtech jouets Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3417761149058 GCP Code  : 341776******* Commercial name : Name of Read more

Vrai Products

Vrai Products, Vrai Products information about, Vrai Products UPC, Vrai Barcodes, Vrai gtin codes, Vrai gcp codes, Vrai Product Photos BSIN : 6PCZAR Brand name : Vrai Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3273220541012 GCP Code  : 327322******* Commercial name : Name of 3273220541012 coming soon GTIN Code : 3273220540633 GCP Read more

VPX Products

VPX Products, VPX Products information about, VPX Products UPC, VPX Barcodes, VPX gtin codes, VPX gcp codes, VPX Product Photos BSIN : I4TFRP Brand name : VPX Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 1-test Propylcarbonate 120 cc GTIN Code : 0610764821201 / UPC 610764821201 GCP Code  : 0610764****** Commercial name : 1-test Propylcarbonate 120 Read more

Voortman Products

Voortman Products, Voortman Products information about, Voortman Products UPC, Voortman Barcodes, Voortman gtin codes, Voortman gcp codes, Voortman Product Photos BSIN : 7AQDZC Brand name : Voortman Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Almonette Cookies GTIN Code : 0067312002184 / UPC 067312002184 GCP Code  : 0067312****** Commercial name : Almonette Cookies Weight : 1 Read more

Volvic Products

Volvic Products, Volvic Products information about, Volvic Products UPC, Volvic Barcodes, Volvic gtin codes, Volvic gcp codes, Volvic Product Photos BSIN : 6E4NHK Brand name : Volvic Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3057640374913 GCP Code  : 305764******* Commercial name : Name of 3057640374913 coming soon GTIN Code : 3057640308413 GCP Code Read more

Vogue Products

Vogue Products, Vogue Products information about, Vogue Products UPC, Vogue Barcodes, Vogue gtin codes, Vogue gcp codes, Vogue Product Photos BSIN : L4JTCF Brand name : Vogue Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Acai Berry Guava Nutritional GTIN Code : 0022796410313 / UPC 022796410313 GCP Code  : 0022796****** Commercial name : Acai Berry Guava Read more

Vogel’s Products

Vogel’s Products, Vogel’s Products information about, Vogel’s Products UPC, Vogel’s Barcodes, Vogel’s gtin codes, Vogel’s gcp codes, Vogel’s Product Photos BSIN : 7EKIGZ Brand name : Vogel’s Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Soya & Linseed Sliced Brown Bread GTIN Code : 5011986004505 GCP Code  : 5011986****** Commercial name : Soya & Linseed Sliced Read more

VO5 Products

VO5 Products, VO5 Products information about, VO5 Products UPC, VO5 Barcodes, VO5 gtin codes, VO5 gcp codes, VO5 Product Photos BSIN : T5L49G Brand name : VO5 Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Daily Hair Recovery Deep Fortifying Conditioning Treatment GTIN Code : 0022400100425 / UPC 022400100425 GCP Code  : 0022400****** Commercial name : Read more

Vlasic Products

Vlasic Products, Vlasic Products information about, Vlasic Products UPC, Vlasic Barcodes, Vlasic gtin codes, Vlasic gcp codes, Vlasic Product Photos BSIN : M7N7CF Brand name : Vlasic Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Baby Kosher Dills GTIN Code : 0054100001504 / UPC 054100001504 GCP Code  : 0054100****** Commercial name : Baby Kosher Dills Weight Read more

Vizir Products

Vizir Products, Vizir Products information about, Vizir Products UPC, Vizir Barcodes, Vizir gtin codes, Vizir gcp codes, Vizir Product Photos BSIN : SL24CW Brand name : Vizir Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 5413149817913 GCP Code  : 5413149****** Commercial name : Name of 5413149817913 coming soon GTIN Code : 5410076068807 GCP Code Read more

Vivis Products

Vivis Products, Vivis Products information about, Vivis Products UPC, Vivis Barcodes, Vivis gtin codes, Vivis gcp codes, Vivis Product Photos BSIN : YPH6N1 Brand name : Vivis Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3177710763963 GCP Code  : 317771******* Commercial name : Name of 3177710763963 coming soon chocolat nature 59 pourcent cacao chocolat Read more

Vivien paille Products

Vivien paille Products, Vivien paille Products information about, Vivien paille Products UPC, Vivien paille Barcodes, Vivien paille gtin codes, Vivien paille gcp codes, Vivien paille Product Photos BSIN : 1L4CT6 Brand name : Vivien paille Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3039822720022 GCP Code  : 303982******* Commercial name : Name of 3039822720022 Read more

Vivanco Products

Vivanco Products, Vivanco Products information about, Vivanco Products UPC, Vivanco Barcodes, Vivanco gtin codes, Vivanco gcp codes, Vivanco Product Photos BSIN : PC79WV Brand name : Vivanco Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 16849 GTIN Code : 4008928168495 GCP Code  : 4008928****** Commercial name : 16849 CCEVA BL GTIN Code : 4008928273885 GCP Code Read more

Vittel Products

Vittel Products, Vittel Products information about, Vittel Products UPC, Vittel Barcodes, Vittel gtin codes, Vittel gcp codes, Vittel Product Photos BSIN : LWMSRF Brand name : Vittel Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3179732342522 GCP Code  : 317973******* Commercial name : Name of 3179732342522 coming soon GTIN Code : 3179732345516 GCP Code Read more

Vitroclen Products

Vitroclen Products, Vitroclen Products information about, Vitroclen Products UPC, Vitroclen Barcodes, Vitroclen gtin codes, Vitroclen gcp codes, Vitroclen Product Photos BSIN : 8JI4PK Brand name : Vitroclen Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : produit d’entretien fours et plaques flacon plastique vitroceramique liquide nettoyant GTIN Code : 3059942101235 GCP Code  : 305994******* Commercial name : Read more

Vitomit Products

Vitomit Products, Vitomit Products information about, Vitomit Products UPC, Vitomit Barcodes, Vitomit gtin codes, Vitomit gcp codes, Vitomit Product Photos BSIN : 376YDQ Brand name : Vitomit Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3011261050915 GCP Code  : 301126******* Commercial name : Name of 3011261050915 coming soon GTIN Code : 3011261055507 GCP Code Read more

Vitnett Products

Vitnett Products, Vitnett Products information about, Vitnett Products UPC, Vitnett Barcodes, Vitnett gtin codes, Vitnett gcp codes, Vitnett Product Photos BSIN : GEEQBC Brand name : Vitnett Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3142762127353 GCP Code  : 314276******* Commercial name : Name of 3142762127353 coming soon GTIN Code : 3142762127377 GCP Code Read more

Vitarroz Products

Vitarroz Products, Vitarroz Products information about, Vitarroz Products UPC, Vitarroz Barcodes, Vitarroz gtin codes, Vitarroz gcp codes, Vitarroz Product Photos BSIN : W8ECWI Brand name : Vitarroz Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : All Purpose Adobo Seasioning With Pimento GTIN Code : 0072670300346 / UPC 072670300346 GCP Code  : 0072670****** Commercial name : All Read more

Vitanica Products

Vitanica Products, Vitanica Products information about, Vitanica Products UPC, Vitanica Barcodes, Vitanica gtin codes, Vitanica gcp codes, Vitanica Product Photos BSIN : 8PZ1I9 Brand name : Vitanica Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Adrenal Assist 90 vegetarian capsule GTIN Code : 0708118022944 / UPC 708118022944 GCP Code  : 0708118****** Commercial name : Adrenal Assist Read more

VitaminWater Products

VitaminWater Products, VitaminWater Products information about, VitaminWater Products UPC, VitaminWater Barcodes, VitaminWater gtin codes, VitaminWater gcp codes, VitaminWater Product Photos BSIN : ZLIUGC Brand name : VitaminWater Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : vitaminwater d-fence eau de source bouteille plastique pomme et framboise etagere GTIN Code : 5449000151735 GCP Code  : 5449000****** Commercial name Read more

Vitamin Shoppe Products

Vitamin Shoppe Products, Vitamin Shoppe Products information about, Vitamin Shoppe Products UPC, Vitamin Shoppe Barcodes, Vitamin Shoppe gtin codes, Vitamin Shoppe gcp codes, Vitamin Shoppe Product Photos BSIN : G52MZ2 Brand name : Vitamin Shoppe Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Ahcc Mushroom Combinations 500 MG,30 count GTIN Code : 0766536021932 / UPC 766536021932 Read more

Vitalabs Products

Vitalabs Products, Vitalabs Products information about, Vitalabs Products UPC, Vitalabs Barcodes, Vitalabs gtin codes, Vitalabs gcp codes, Vitalabs Product Photos BSIN : Z7419E Brand name : Vitalabs Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Amino 1500 1500 mg, 100 capsule,1 count GTIN Code : 0092617150018 / UPC 092617150018 GCP Code  : 0092617****** Commercial name : Read more

Vital Radiance Products

Vital Radiance Products, Vital Radiance Products information about, Vital Radiance Products UPC, Vital Radiance Barcodes, Vital Radiance gtin codes, Vital Radiance gcp codes, Vital Radiance Product Photos BSIN : NT96I2 Brand name : Vital Radiance Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website :

Vital Nutrients Products

Vital Nutrients Products, Vital Nutrients Products information about, Vital Nutrients Products UPC, Vital Nutrients Barcodes, Vital Nutrients gtin codes, Vital Nutrients gcp codes, Vital Nutrients Product Photos BSIN : J8UVN5 Brand name : Vital Nutrients Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 5htp 100 mg,60 count GTIN Code : 0693465110119 / UPC 693465110119 GCP Code Read more