Application Number: 15901831 Application Date: 21.02.2018 Publication Number: 20180235365 Publication Date: 23.08.2018 Publication Kind : A1 IPC: A47B 88/919 CPC: A47B 88/919 Applicants: Mark E. LIGGETT Inventors: Mark E. LIGGETT Priority Data: Title: (EN) WEDGE STRUCTURE KIT, CABINET HAVING A WEDGE STRUCTURE, AND METHOD FOR RETROFITTING AN EXISTING CABINET TO HAVE A WEDGE STRUCTURE Abstract: (EN) Read more


Application Number: 15961457 Application Date: 24.04.2018 Publication Number: 20180235227 Publication Date: 23.08.2018 Publication Kind : A1 IPC: A01N 43/84 A01N 57/20 A01N 43/80 A01N 25/12 A01N 37/40 A01N 39/04 A01N 41/10 A01N 43/50 A01N 43/54 A01N 43/707 A01N 43/90 A01N 47/36 CPC: A01N 25/12 A01N 37/40 A01N 39/04 A01N 41/10 A01N 43/50 A01N 43/54 A01N Read more


WOWGO Status: Application under examination (2017-06-12) (210) Serial number of the application 016847964 (220) Date of filing of the application 2017-06-12 (270) Language(s) of the application en (540) Mark (541) Reproduction of the mark where the mark is represented in standard characters WOWGO (550) Indication relating to the nature or kind of mark Individual (550) Read more

Wyler’s Products

Wyler’s Products, Wyler’s Products information about, Wyler’s Products UPC, Wyler’s Barcodes, Wyler’s gtin codes, Wyler’s gcp codes, Wyler’s Product Photos BSIN : SWLNXH Brand name : Wyler’s Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Authentic Italian Ice Of Freeze & Serve Bars GTIN Code : 0072392988082 / UPC 072392988082 GCP Code  : 0072392****** Commercial name Read more Products Products, Products information about, Products UPC, Barcodes, gtin codes, gcp codes, Product Photos BSIN : WZHN4P Brand name : Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 6291003106644 GCP Code  : 6291003****** Commercial name : Name of 6291003106644 coming soon GTIN Code : 6291003046117 GCP Code Read more

Wrigley Products

Wrigley Products, Wrigley Products information about, Wrigley Products UPC, Wrigley Barcodes, Wrigley gtin codes, Wrigley gcp codes, Wrigley Product Photos BSIN : KDD5T1 Brand name : Wrigley Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 0022000115799 / UPC 022000115799 GCP Code  : 0022000****** Commercial name : Name of 0022000115799 coming soon GTIN Code Read more

Wpro Products

Wpro Products, Wpro Products information about, Wpro Products UPC, Wpro Barcodes, Wpro gtin codes, Wpro gcp codes, Wpro Product Photos BSIN : 4LCMS2 Brand name : Wpro Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : ACT 006 GTIN Code : 8015250006131 GCP Code  : 8015250****** Commercial name : ACT 006 AE 10 W GTIN Code : 8015250024081 Read more

Worthington & Loma Linda Products

Worthington & Loma Linda Products, Worthington & Loma Linda Products information about, Worthington & Loma Linda Products UPC, Worthington & Loma Linda Barcodes, Worthington & Loma Linda gtin codes, Worthington & Loma Linda gcp codes, Worthington & Loma Linda Product Photos BSIN : 3M6JYP Brand name : Worthington & Loma Linda Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Read more

Worldwide sport nutrition Products

Worldwide sport nutrition Products, Worldwide sport nutrition Products information about, Worldwide sport nutrition Products UPC, Worldwide sport nutrition Barcodes, Worldwide sport nutrition gtin codes, Worldwide sport nutrition gcp codes, Worldwide sport nutrition Product Photos BSIN : P2GZPJ Brand name : Worldwide sport nutrition Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Anabolic Growth Formula Drink GTIN Code Read more

World organics Products

World organics Products, World organics Products information about, World organics Products UPC, World organics Barcodes, World organics gtin codes, World organics gcp codes, World organics Product Photos BSIN : 794KMB Brand name : World organics Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Allimune 180 Mg,30 count GTIN Code : 0726899574551 / UPC 726899574551 GCP Code  : Read more

World Finer Foods, Inc. Products

World Finer Foods, Inc. Products, World Finer Foods, Inc. Products information about, World Finer Foods, Inc. Products UPC, World Finer Foods, Inc. Barcodes, World Finer Foods, Inc. gtin codes, World Finer Foods, Inc. gcp codes, World Finer Foods, Inc. Product Photos BSIN : R3XBBC Brand name : World Finer Foods, Inc. Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Read more

World Classics Trading Company Products

World Classics Trading Company Products, World Classics Trading Company Products information about, World Classics Trading Company Products UPC, World Classics Trading Company Barcodes, World Classics Trading Company gtin codes, World Classics Trading Company gcp codes, World Classics Trading Company Product Photos BSIN : E5P6B5 Brand name : World Classics Trading Company Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Read more

Woolite Products

Woolite Products, Woolite Products information about, Woolite Products UPC, Woolite Barcodes, Woolite gtin codes, Woolite gcp codes, Woolite Product Photos BSIN : Q9M9SX Brand name : Woolite Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : PASSE BEM RECARGA 12X 3210 | PASSE BEM WOOLITE 500 ML GTIN Code : 7891035032103 GCP Code  : 7891035****** Commercial name Read more

Woodstock Farms Products

Woodstock Farms Products, Woodstock Farms Products information about, Woodstock Farms Products UPC, Woodstock Farms Barcodes, Woodstock Farms gtin codes, Woodstock Farms gcp codes, Woodstock Farms Product Photos BSIN : QJ7TEI Brand name : Woodstock Farms Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 01744 Mayonaise 12×16 Oz GTIN Code : 0042563015848 / UPC 042563015848 GCP Code Read more

Woods of Windsor Products

Woods of Windsor Products, Woods of Windsor Products information about, Woods of Windsor Products UPC, Woods of Windsor Barcodes, Woods of Windsor gtin codes, Woods of Windsor gcp codes, Woods of Windsor Product Photos BSIN : DDR49R Brand name : Woods of Windsor Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Lavender GTIN Code : 5014697031822 Read more

Woodlink brands Products

Woodlink brands Products, Woodlink brands Products information about, Woodlink brands Products UPC, Woodlink brands Barcodes, Woodlink brands gtin codes, Woodlink brands gcp codes, Woodlink brands Product Photos BSIN : ZHC5F5 Brand name : Woodlink brands Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 4 Port Thistle Tube Fedder Apple Color 1 quart GTIN Code : 0715038303701 Read more

Wonka Products

Wonka Products, Wonka Products information about, Wonka Products UPC, Wonka Barcodes, Wonka gtin codes, Wonka gcp codes, Wonka Product Photos BSIN : UTQWNI Brand name : Wonka Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 3 In 1 Candy GTIN Code : 0079200073374 / UPC 079200073374 GCP Code  : 0079200****** Commercial name : 3 In 1 Read more

Wonderful Products

Wonderful Products, Wonderful Products information about, Wonderful Products UPC, Wonderful Barcodes, Wonderful gtin codes, Wonderful gcp codes, Wonderful Product Photos BSIN : A6WX2K Brand name : Wonderful Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Pistachios GTIN Code : 0014113912037 / UPC 014113912037 GCP Code  : 0014113****** Commercial name : Pistachios Weight : 1 x 227 Read more

Wonder Products

Wonder Products, Wonder Products information about, Wonder Products UPC, Wonder Barcodes, Wonder gtin codes, Wonder gcp codes, Wonder Product Photos BSIN : 9KWVEP Brand name : Wonder Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 100% Whole Wheat Bread 20 GTIN Code : 0045000122055 / UPC 045000122055 GCP Code  : 0045000****** Commercial name : 100% Whole Read more

Wolfgang Puck Products

Wolfgang Puck Products, Wolfgang Puck Products information about, Wolfgang Puck Products UPC, Wolfgang Puck Barcodes, Wolfgang Puck gtin codes, Wolfgang Puck gcp codes, Wolfgang Puck Product Photos BSIN : 2KGCUP Brand name : Wolfgang Puck Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 16 K-cup Craving Sweets Flavored Sampler Guaranteed 16 Different Flavors Of K-cups For Read more

Woeber’s Mustard Products

Woeber’s Mustard Products, Woeber’s Mustard Products information about, Woeber’s Mustard Products UPC, Woeber’s Mustard Barcodes, Woeber’s Mustard gtin codes, Woeber’s Mustard gcp codes, Woeber’s Mustard Product Photos BSIN : U9MJ5W Brand name : Woeber’s Mustard Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Brown Mustard Spicy GTIN Code : 0074680000971 / UPC 074680000971 GCP Code  : Read more

Wizard Products

Wizard Products, Wizard Products information about, Wizard Products UPC, Wizard Barcodes, Wizard gtin codes, Wizard gcp codes, Wizard Product Photos BSIN : BFLW9P Brand name : Wizard Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : GTIN Code : 3059940007812 GCP Code  : 305994******* Commercial name : Name of 3059940007812 coming soon Air Air Freshener GTIN Code : Read more

Wither Hills Products

Wither Hills Products, Wither Hills Products information about, Wither Hills Products UPC, Wither Hills Barcodes, Wither Hills gtin codes, Wither Hills gcp codes, Wither Hills Product Photos BSIN : LHIFNC Brand name : Wither Hills Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Sauvignon Blanc GTIN Code : 0633438000122 / UPC 633438000122 GCP Code  : 0633438****** Commercial Read more

Wisk Products

Wisk Products, Wisk Products information about, Wisk Products UPC, Wisk Barcodes, Wisk gtin codes, Wisk gcp codes, Wisk Product Photos BSIN : E2DU3Y Brand name : Wisk Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : 2x Liquid Detergent Fresh Breeze GTIN Code : 0072613450909 / UPC 072613450909 GCP Code  : 0072613****** Commercial name : 2x Liquid Read more

Wisi Products

Wisi Products, Wisi Products information about, Wisi Products UPC, Wisi Barcodes, Wisi gtin codes, Wisi gcp codes, Wisi Product Photos BSIN : GU5VRH Brand name : Wisi Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : OR 03 S GTIN Code : 3700381802367 GCP Code  : 37003818***** Commercial name : OR 03 S TCTSF 8000 GTIN Code Read more

Wish-Bone Products

Wish-Bone Products, Wish-Bone Products information about, Wish-Bone Products UPC, Wish-Bone Barcodes, Wish-Bone gtin codes, Wish-Bone gcp codes, Wish-Bone Product Photos BSIN : Q4YLCJ Brand name : Wish-Bone Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Bone Fat Free Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing Bottles GTIN Code : 0041000005671 / UPC 041000005671 GCP Code  : 0041000****** Commercial name Read more

Wise Ways Herbals Products

Wise Ways Herbals Products, Wise Ways Herbals Products information about, Wise Ways Herbals Products UPC, Wise Ways Herbals Barcodes, Wise Ways Herbals gtin codes, Wise Ways Herbals gcp codes, Wise Ways Herbals Product Photos BSIN : 6T4E89 Brand name : Wise Ways Herbals Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : All Heal Salve GTIN Code Read more

Wise Products

Wise Products, Wise Products information about, Wise Products UPC, Wise Barcodes, Wise gtin codes, Wise gcp codes, Wise Product Photos BSIN : INK8QP Brand name : Wise Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : All Natural Soy Crisps Honey Barbecue Bags GTIN Code : 0829515300425 / UPC 829515300425 GCP Code  : 0829515****** Commercial name : Read more

Wisdom of the Ancients Products

Wisdom of the Ancients Products, Wisdom of the Ancients Products information about, Wisdom of the Ancients Products UPC, Wisdom of the Ancients Barcodes, Wisdom of the Ancients gtin codes, Wisdom of the Ancients gcp codes, Wisdom of the Ancients Product Photos BSIN : 33HIIT Brand name : Wisdom of the Ancients Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Read more

Winter Gardens Products

Winter Gardens Products, Winter Gardens Products information about, Winter Gardens Products UPC, Winter Gardens Barcodes, Winter Gardens gtin codes, Winter Gardens gcp codes, Winter Gardens Product Photos BSIN : 9Y8X5I Brand name : Winter Gardens Brand type : Manufacturer-brand Website : Amish Macaroni Salad GTIN Code : 0010742010342 / UPC 010742010342 GCP Code  : Read more