Certificate capable of memorizing

Application Number: 00102829
Application Date: 2000.03.07
Publication Number: 1312516
Publication Date: 2001.09.12
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International: G06K9/62
Applicant(s) Name: Ping Qingzhong
Inventor(s) Name: Ping Qingzhong;Zheng Haidong;Han Hong
Patent Agency Code: 00000
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Abstract THe electronic chip and related circuit are embedded in the base material of traditional credentials, so that said invention can make the credentials possess the function of traditional credentials carrying print information and the function of carrying new-type electronic information. Said electronic information can be written in the electronic chip by adopting encryption measure required by user and utilizing specific I/O device or can be read out from the electronic chip. The writing-in and reading-out of said electronic information can be implemented by adopting radio coupling mode. Said information can be permanently stored, and the electronic information and print information can be mutually confirmed and can be mutually compared to distinguish the true credentials from false credentials.