Circuit plate and soldering method therefor

Application Number: 00102667
Application Date: 2000.02.25
Publication Number: 1268862
Publication Date: 2000.10.04
Priority Information: 1999/2/26 JP 052056/1999
International: H05K3/34
Applicant(s) Name: Canon K. K.
Inventor(s) Name: Sometani Keisuke;Okabe Yoshi
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Abstract This invention discloses an electronic circuit board which can eliminate a soldering error for a component arranged such that its terminal array is perpendicular to the convey direction of the electronic circuit board which is to be flow-soldered, and a soldering method for it. An extending land (6) is formed to be substantially perpendicular to a convey direction (D) for flow soldering and to extend toward a downstream side of the warp of a board (2).