Coil stuck thermally by plastics and its making method and mould

Application Number: 00102472
Application Date: 2000.03.10
Publication Number: 1313610
Publication Date: 2001.09.19
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Applicant(s) Name: Baotou Iron and Steel College
Inventor(s) Name: Zhou Yajun;Liu Shaoqing
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Abstract A coil stuck thermally by plastics may have any proper shaper, such as circular (or rectangular) plate, circular (or rectangular) drum, or circular (or rectangular) cylinder. The form board for winding coil is made up of plastics, glass steel, polysulfone plastics or others through machining or die pressing. After the coil is wound up, a current flows through the core wire to heat and smelt the insulating plastic layer for self adhering. Its advantages include no need of skeleton and package, high productivity, and low cost.