Complex test device and test method for mixed rare earth hydrogen storage alloy hydrogenizing property

Application Number: 00108000
Application Date: 2000.06.07
Publication Number: 1327152
Publication Date: 2001.12.19
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Applicant(s) Name: No.18 Electronics Inst., Ministry of Information Industry
Inventor(s) Name: Qian Dexiang;FAn Yongli;Zhang Hongyou
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Abstract The present invention relates to physical and chemical analysis and measurement. The hydrogenizing property test equipment consists of five parts including hydrogen gas supplying unit, high pressure and vacuum unit, data acquisition unit, vacuum pumping unit and temperature controlling unit. It has large and small pressure, accumulators, two pressure sensors, data collecting card nad computer for automatic data acquisition, processing and display. It can complete the measurement of PCT curve, hydrogenization speed and pulverization resisting degree. Measuring hydrogenization rate under the condition of no released pressure makes it possible to calculate accurately the hydrogenized amount of the hydrogen storing alloy in different time. The pulverization resisting degree measurement includes the activation of the sample, the pulverization of the sample, the determination of the size distribution of the metal hydride, and the calculation of the pulverization resisting degree.