Application Number  00129583 Application Date  2000.10.08
Publication Number  1291804 Publication Date  2001.04.18
Priority Information   2000/4/20 JP 119991/200; 1999/10/6 JP 285495/1999; 1999/11/11 JP 320609/199  
Applicant(s) Name  Nippon Aviation Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.  
Inventor(s) Name  Hashiguchi Akira;Iue Kantsugu  
Patent Agency Code  11021 Patent Agent  wang zhongxian
AbstractIn a connector having a rotary actuator for bringing a sheet-like object into press contact with a contact held by a housing, the rotary actuator is engaged with the contact in a predetermined direction parallel to the sheet-like object and perpendicular to a center axis of a shaft portion of the rotary actuator. The shaft portion is rotatably engaged with the housing. The contact has a contacting portion to be faced to one surface of the sheet-like object and a supporting portion to be faced to the other surface of the sheet-like object. The actuator has a cam portion integrally connected to the shaft portion and located between the supporting portion and the sheet-like object. The supporting portion has a recess which receives the cam portion to engage the cam portion with the supporting portion in the predetermined direction.