Countersunk screwnail

Application Number: 00102632
Application Date: 2000.02.23
Publication Number: 1264795
Publication Date: 2000.08.30
Priority Information: 1999/2/23 DE 29903232.9
International: F16B35/06
Applicant(s) Name: A-Z Appts. and Fittings GmbH & Co., KG
Inventor(s) Name: R. Diek
Patent Agency Code: 72001
Patent Agent: zhao xin
Abstract A countersunk head screw is provided. The countersunk head screw includes a head attached to or integrally formed with the shank. A thread extends over a partial region of the shank and a portion of the head includes a bearing surface that tapers conically towards the shank. At least one cutting rib is arranged in a lower region of the bearing surface facing or adjacent the shank.