Equipment and method of analyzing and publishing commodity purchasing conditron is Internet shopping market

Application Number: 00108010
Application Date: 2000.06.07
Publication Number: 1308291
Publication Date: 2001.08.15
Priority Information: 2000/4/26 KR 22155/2000; 2000/2/11 KR 6543/2000
International: G06F17/60
Applicant(s) Name: Mein Digital Co., Ltd.
Inventor(s) Name: Kown Tae-Gyon
Patent Agency Code: 72002
Patent Agent: han hong
Abstract An apparatus and method for analyzing a purchasing condition of goods is provided to synthetically analyze various purchase conditions of goods in an Internet shopping mall and to present the commodities of optimum conditions through a webpage. This device includes a commodity purchase condition database stores the terms of purchase for goods in Internet shopping malls; a commodity purchase condition retrieval server retrieves data for the goods of Internet shopping malls periodically, extracts commodity purchase conditions and stores them in the commodity purchase condition database; and a commodity purchase condition analysis web server receives commodity information from a client, fetches the purchase conditions of the commodity by shopping mall sites from the commodity purchase condition database, grants a weight to each condition, calculates purchase satisfaction indexes for the Internet shopping malls, and offers the data to the client.