Equipment for read/write optical recording-media

Application Number: 00108715
Application Date: 2000.05.31
Publication Number: 1275763
Publication Date: 2000.12.06
Priority Information: 1999/5/31 DE 19924733.1
International: G11B7/00;G11B7/09
Applicant(s) Name: Deutsche Thoson-Brandt GmbH
Inventor(s) Name: Krissse Bacole;Maten Kabutz
Patent Agency Code: 11105
Patent Agent: lu xiaozhang
Abstract The present invention relates to an apparatus for reading from and/or writing to optical recording media, having a photodetector (10) and a phase detector (13) for detecting a phase difference ([phi]) between output signals (A+C, B+D) of the photodetector (10). An object of the present invention is to propose an apparatus in which a phase signal ([phi]) which is as correct as possible is generated. A further object of the invention is to specify a method by means of which a correct track error signal (TE) is determined using a phase detection method. According to the invention, to those ends the apparatus has an edge sequence detector (14) for detecting the sequence of edges of the output signals (A+C, B+D), and a signal blocking unit (15) for blocking the output signal ([phi]) of the phase detector (13).