Gear speed-changing device for bicycle chain transmission

Application Number  00128663 Application Date  2000.08.05
Publication Number  1284462 Publication Date  2001.02.21
Priority Information   1999/8/6 DE 19937212.8  
Applicant(s) Name  SRAM Deutsche GmbH  
Inventor(s) Name  F. Schmit;M. Rettel;K. Wiesling  
Patent Agency Code  72001 Patent Agent  yang songling
AbstractA pinion-cassette with an inner-profile to fix on an outer-profile of a driver of a hub in the wheel of a bicycle, is composed of a pinion-holder and several different large pinions which are arranged adjacently on the pinion-holder, each of the pinions can be selected as a drive-pinion and is in drive-connection with a drive-chain for driving the wheel in a drive-rotation direction, wherein the pinion-holder is made from plastics and has the inner-profile for its fixing on the driver, said inner-profile can be without rotation jointed with the outer-profile of the driver, wherein the inner-profile of the pinion-cassette has a strong-device, which is connected with at least one pinion, made of metal and can transfer the rotation-moment.