Heavy oil hydrogenation conversion catalyst and its preparing method

Application Number: 00123217
Application Date: 2000.11.08
Publication Number: 1352228
Publication Date: 2002.06.05
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International: C10G45/04
Applicant(s) Name: China Petrochemical Corp.
Inventor(s) Name: Yuan Shenghua;Zhang Hao;Fang Weiping
Patent Agency Code: 21102
Patent Agent: li wei
Abstract The present invention discloses a kind of catalyst for hydrogenizing treatment, especially hydrogenizing treatment, especially hydrogenizing treatment of heavy oil and residual oil, and its preparation. The catalyst has high metal dispersity, large specific surface area and high hydrodenitrification and hydrodecarbonization activity. The catalyst is prepared with one kind of titanium containing aluminium hydroxide as material and through complete mixing and kneading process. The catalyst is easy to form and low in cost.