High efficiency dephosphorating pellet for smelting and its preparing method

Application Number: 00124889
Application Date: 2000.09.21
Publication Number: 1290757
Publication Date: 2001.04.11
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International: C21C7/064
Applicant(s) Name: Iron and Steel Research Reneral Inst.
Inventor(s) Name: Liu Liu;Tong Fuqiao;Jin Zhenjian
Patent Agency Code: 11207
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Abstract The present invention relates to the field of iron and steel smelting, and the pellet is used in efficient dephosphorating molten iron in converter. The dephosphorating pellet has components including CaO 40-70 %, FeO 10-40 %, CaF2 8-15 %, and adhesive 2-6 % and is prepared through twice mixing, forming, and low temperature stoving at 150-200 deg.C for 24-48 hr. Compared wtih available technology, the dephosphorating pellet has high dephosphorating effect, easy use, low material cost, saving in energy, etc.